Get Your Free Blue Light Blocking Lenses Marketing Campaign!

It’s now Fall, which means kids are settled in at school and their new routines…and that routine likely includes 6 hours of daily screen-time. We have a FREE marketing campaign to help.


Block Blue Light and Sleep Tight

Parents are worried that blue light exposure will lead to their child losing sleep, and they’re not wrong. But as you know, too much blue light exposure can also cause eye strain and make schoolwork a chore for kids (okay, even more-so than normal). Download our free campaign to let local patients know that blue light blocking lenses can help.

Just Download the Campaign and Post

Download this FREE blue light marketing campaign and see for yourself what we mean when we say our digital strategies follow an omni-channel approach. Click the button below to get eye-catching social posts for Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile, an email and a poster to help you reach more patients. We did the work, all you have to do is download the campaign and click post to get more eyes on your practice.

Download This FREE blue light Campaign!


We've Got Campaigns for Days


What are your practice’s specialties? Chances are we have a campaign like this blue light giveaway for the types of specialty patients you are trying to book. The strategies needed to motivate Myopia patients are different than those for Myopia, and marketing for general eye exams is different yet still. Luckily, after 18 years of optometry marketing, our eye care experts know what patients want and can help. Click here to learn more about EyeCarePro’s no-contract digital strategies.


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