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When all the elements of an effective practice website come together, the results are... inspiring. It means your practice shows up for the searches you want, and once visitors are on your page, they’re impressed by what they see and learn about you. And all that equals appointments and growth.


Meet Eyeworks, otherwise known as the Chu Eye Institute. This combination of MD/OD practice is a family-owned practice whose website continues to develop into an impressive engine of all-around eye care. 

So what do they do right? A lot! Let’s take a peek at their homepage, testimonials, and doctors' pages. And, of course, it's ADA compliant too—all things we’ve covered in the video series we’ve been sending out over the past few weeks.

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An Engaging, Intuitive, and Personalized Homepage

Eyeworks has filled its homepage with high-quality imagery which exactly matches their brand in a relatable and welcoming way. It’s a rigorous, professional, yet family-driven practice that sees patients of all kinds, from LASIK to comprehensive care, from scleral lens fittings to corneal cross-linking. 

The navigation is intuitive and it’s easy to understand from the pictures and the descriptions exactly who this practice is, where they are, and how to book an appointment. And those are key elements to a successful homepage.

Lasik Homepage Marketing

This row on the homepage draws people to a simple survey which visitors fill out to see if “LASIK Is Right”. The end result is 7+ LASIK leads per month. This approach can be replicated for any optometric service as well.

Testimonials (and Video Too!)

No homepage, or optometry/ophthalmology website in general, is complete without solid testimonials, ideally including video—which does amazing things for your online presence in general! And Eyeworks doesn’t disappoint. The homepage, and website generally, are replete with video testimonials for a wide variety of services, including this nice video-text pairing right on their homepage, with a really interesting video of two twins and a bit of LASIK impromptu experiment.

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Great Doctor Bios

Eyeworks Doctor Page SEO

This site lays out all the doctors in an attractive way, with more information appearing when you hover over a given doctor’s image. When you do click on the doctor’s personal bio, we see a great bio page combining nice imagery, awards, and, of course, testimonials to quickly build trust and confidence.

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