How Your Videos Will Make Your Specialty Practice Grow

Why video? It’s synergistically awesome for your website, your online presence, and your practice on multiple levels. If you aren’t currently making practice videos, it’s something you need to be doing this year. Here are some great reasons why:

  • Google loves video
  • People love to watch videos — think website engagement
  • Social media users watch and share videos
  • Videos make you seem more personable and relatable, which potential new patients love
  • Videos allow you to educate and engage the public on the profound and life-changing improvements that neuro-optometry can provide

Learn More About Making Specialty Videos


Get Found, Get Noticed…And Create a YouTube Channel

Data from a 2018 study demonstrates that video content enjoys an organic reach of 13% compared to 2.6% for other kinds of content. When it comes to crucial pages on your website, engagement is way, WAY stronger when a video is present— a whopping 6% vs. 0.16%

Here are some other facts about video you should know:

  • 44% of people watch at least 5 videos per day
  • 60% of people visit a publisher website after viewing a video
  • Viewers retain 58% of what they watch, vs. 10% of what they read


Google wants content, and video is content par excellence. More content on your website means stronger search results. Post videos to Youtube and then embed those videos on your website. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, create one.

Keep in mind that Google indexes YouTube, meaning that for a given search term you plug into Google, relevant Youtube videos will show up on the search results based on the description and tags you enter when the video is posted.