Tag Your Marketing Videos Like a Pro


We’ve already told you that video helps bring your practice to the next level. Putting videos on YouTube and then embedding on your website results in great SEO AND onsite engagement. This means more patients and more revenue.

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So How Do I Upload a Video to YouTube Again?

In our video guide, we mostly focused on why and how to make effective practice videos cheaply and easily. Now, we’ll explain how to upload those videos to YouTube, tag them for SEO, and then embed them on your website.

Whether you have a YouTube channel or not, the first step is to go to https://www.youtube.com and press the image to create a video or post, and then select “Upload Video”.

Upload your practice video to youtube

If this is your first youtube post, you are then given the option to create a channel. This is a good idea. Fill in as much info about your optometry practice as possible, including images and a description. It’s also very important to provide a link to your website along with your phone number. This provides a way for people to find you and a valuable boost to your online rankings too!

Next, simply find the video file on your computer and drag the video into the box shown, or click the big “Upload” arrow to browse your computer folders and open the file.


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Create A Catchier Video Title Than This One...

Here are some tips for the title and description of your video:

  • Make the title accurate, short, and as catchy as possible
  • Include keywords for the service being performed or whatever the video is about, for instance "eye exam," "eyeglasses," "low vision services," etc.
  • In the description, mention the name of the doctor, the practice, and/or more detail about the service being performed or discussed
  • In the description, always ALWAYS include a link to your website and other contact info such as your phone number. This will bring more people from your video to your website, which is good for your SEO.

Your SEO Secret Weapon: Tagging

You will likely see dozens, maybe hundreds of videos on the same topic online. Whether it’s a doctor bio or a scleral lens testimonial, chances are someone’s done it before you. You might be wondering how your video will be found in that mess. Enter tagging! As you can see in the screenshot, tags are short phrases that help search engines (read: Google) identify what the video is about. Effective tagging should go after the searches people are making to find an eye doctor, or the specific product or service your video highlights. Combining these with location terms is how your video will appear in LOCAL SEARCHES. You don’t have to be found by someone looking for an eye doctor 1 state over. You want to go after the person searching directly in your area.

Some example tags are:

  • Eye doctor [neighborhood]
  • optometrist [neighborhood]
  • Scleral lenses [city]
  • Treatment for double vision [city]
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Embedding on Your Website

Now that you’ve uploaded your video, it’s time to embed on your website.

  1. Go to the video from your library or follow the link from the upload page
  2. Press “Share”
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Now, take that embed code and paste it in an editor box or as a line of code on your website where you want the video to appear.

Embedded Youtube marketing video

While it may be tempting to load up the homepage with all your incredible marketing videos, our SEO experts advise that too many videos can significantly add to page load time. This hurts mobile-first SEO and conversions. However, judicious use of videos on core pages will definitely boost onsite engagement. One workaround is to take a screenshot of the video. Place that where you would have placed the video and have it link to a different page where the video is placed.

Now Get To Uploading Your Marketing Videos!

Turn those cameras on and start pumping out videos. There’s little to lose, and lots to gain!

Want help with editing, tagging, and posting? EyeCarePro marketing customers can enjoy the benefits of video without all the effort of optimizing and posting. Give us a call or fill out the form for a FREE Video Strategy Session.