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This is how we do it

We'll take the marketing risk. You be the doctor. How? Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and 17-years of marketing optometry. Watch the video, Or, just SIGN UP and let us send you patients.

How much does your marketing cost you?

Tired of paying for web hosting? SEO that you don’t understand? Social media?  Directories? How about search impressions and clicks? You're probably paying more than you'd like.

ECP PPP mktg Photos only

Do you know what you will get?

Reported traffic? Users? Impressions? Clicks? How about everything but patients calling to book an exam with you?

Why not pay only for patient appointments?

We will send you patients from your local community that want to book an eye exam. Patients will book an exam with your office. You pay us $20 per appointment booked. It's that simple.

ECP PPP mktg Photos only
ECP PPP mktg Photos only

What Do I Get?

We do all of your marketing at our expense. We host your website at no cost to you. We’ll apply search engine optimization (SEO) for the best search ranking. We’ll optimize your Google My Business panel. We’ll do social media and link building with national directories. When your page quality score is high enough, we’ll do search-engine advertising. All at our expense. We do the marketing. You be the doctor.

How Does It Work?

All EyeCarePro digital marketing campaigns direct new patient calls to our call manager. The calls are all recorded, transcribed, and analyzed with the EyeCarePro artificial intelligence program. You can view all calls to your practice on our dashboard, including missed calls, calls to find out more information, calls that don't end in a booked appointment, and calls that do. You only pay for the calls that book an appointment.

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