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When it comes to maximizing those key performance indicators for your practice, we’ve been pretty insistent that what you do in the lane and what happens in the dispensary need to be in harmonious sync. Whether you want to sell more blue light protection or more children’s frames, the more you discuss optical as a medical recommendation and decision-making process, the more likely you are to maintain good capture as you hand off the patient to a receptive and informed optical staff.

Sunglasses Are No Different

As an optometrist, your primary goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes. It’s that passion and commitment which, when strategically focused, leads to better revenue per patient through optical. And this is as true for sunglasses as it is for anything else. Ensuring that patients wear true 100% UV protective lenses is obviously in their interest. Patients can be sure about what they're getting when they get it from you.

So...What Does Dr. Gonzalez Do?

Dr. Jaime Gonzalez of Eye Pieces Plano
Dr. Jaime Gonzalez of Eye Pieces Plano

True to Texan style, Dr. Jaime Gonzalez at Eye Pieces Plano, holds by the motto “Go Big or Go Home”. Right in the lane during an eye exam, Dr. Gonzo brings forth his specular microscope. Dr. Gonzalez will then show patients, in real time, the extent of UV damage they have accumulated, shown boldly and clearly on a large screen TV conveniently placed in the lane. This is why you need polarized lenses, conferring 100% UV protection. Not tinted plastic, which can actually be worse, and not 90%, not 95%—100%!

And it works! Despite having a Sunglasses Hut sitting right across from his practice, Eye Pieces Plano sells enough to put them to shame.

Are You Saying I Need to Buy a Specular Microscope?

While it’s an amazing idea, you don’t need to make the investment in pricey equipment just to boost your sales. Dr. Gonzo’s example can still be emulated. Are you talking to patients about UV protection? Are you articulating the risks of UV overtime and long-term benefits of maximal protection? Are you handing your patients back off to optical with a medical recommendation—verbalized or written down—for polarized lenses? If not, you should start. It’s worth the time for the sake of both your patients and your bottom line.

Corneal Endothelium Under a Specular Microscope
Corneal Endothelium Under a Specular Microscope

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