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It’s that time of year- everyone is wondering if their new year’s resolutions will stand the test of time.


 If you’ve committed to making any sort of change this year, chances are, you have someone who can help you achieve your goals.

Well, having the ideal fitness instructor and knowing the best podcast to listen to both make a lot of sense when it comes to hitting your personal goals. But it’s important to not overlook the role that a professional guide plays in your life. The marketing manager team at EyeCarePro is kind of like that ideal person, guiding you along your marketing journey towards exceptional practice growth. 

No pushups required.

Meet Marc

Marc Wolfe is a Senior Marketing Manager at EyeCarePro.

Born and raised in Chery Hill, New Jersey, Marc has spent over 20 years in the world of marketing. In this video, Marc discusses the importance of having a strategic consultant to guide optometrists in their digital marketing.

We ask Marc for some tips and tricks, best practices, and an inside scoop of the value that having a strategic marketing consultant gives to your practice.

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Whether you’re a single doctor generalist or a multi-location specialist, digital marketing is the single most effective means to grow your practice, with the biggest ROI bar none. And regardless of where you are on your growth journey or aspirations, we have the right marketing plan and strategy for you. We use the latest technologies, strategies, and techniques to make your practice front and center on the patient searches that matter to you. 

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