Stage 4: Focus

Reach More High-Revenue Patients

Your established practice has spent countless hours helping general eye patients. But only offering general exams affects your ROI—and leaves you vulnerable to competition within local big-box stores and independent practices. Your goal of servicing higher-revenue optometric specialty or optical patients will help. How will you reach them and earn their trust?

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Lifecycle of an Optometry Practice

Stage 1 - Launch

New practices looking to jump-start their digital presence & marketing

Stage 2 - Site

Practices looking for a digital presence to boost general & referral patients

Stage 3 - Reach

Established practices looking to grow their brand & book ANY new patient

Stage 4 - Focus

Established practices looking for high-revenue specialty & optical patients

Stage 5 - Complete

Established practices looking to grow to multiple locations, retire or sell


What Are Your Goals?

Do you want patients who need high-end frames or optometric specialty patients that suffer from Dry Eye, Myopia or Vision Therapy? Each requires a different strategy to book. Our eye care experts have proven strategies to target every type of patient and drive them to your site—and practice.

Don’t Settle for Less

If you’re not targeting your ideal optometric specialty patients or locals with higher-end optical desires, you won’t meet your goal of booking them. If you are targeting them without a plan that speaks to their needs, you won’t motivate them to work with you, exposing you to the local competition.

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How EyeCarePro Can Help

Focus has solutions to meet your goals of booking the high-revenue patients and future-proofing your practice against the competition. We’ll uniquely brand your practice to motivate optometric specialty patients to book an appointment, or drive sales from patients looking for a yearly supply of contacts or luxury frames. Once your Digital Marketing Strategist hears your goals, they’ll make a plan to help you:

Reach & Retain High-Revenue Patients

Target every local with specialized SEO, Google reviews and available specialized Google ads when they’re searching for help (or some nice frames). Capture the rest with specialty campaigns featuring landing pages, social media & emails.

Get a Uniquely Branded Beautiful Site

Do you make a personal connection with site visitors? Emotion sells, and your site’s branding, photography, content for your services & unique web design is the best way to tell your story and stand apart from competitors.

Boost Patient Engagement

Your services are specialized, and your digital marketing strategies should be too. Get fresh video content posted to your YouTube channel every month to entice an even bigger audience and show the value you bring.

Save Money & Time

Our solutions aren’t just about growth—we want your practice to run smoothly. Our GetSetPro app allows you, or your Digital Marketing Strategist, to post campaigns, track your performance, email and text patients & and manage your sites & Google reviews.

The Plans


When you’ve grown to help high-revenue specialty patients like Dry Eye & OrthoK, you’ll need a plan to reach them all. Specialty gets you found sooner by the patients you need and earns their trust with unique content tailored to your services.


If your high revenue niche focuses on local optical patients, it has to be easy for them to find your selection online. Capture custom-brands your digital presence to show off your selection to sell more frames and year’s supply of contacts.

What They Say

EyeCarePro are the leading eye care marketing experts in the field. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our client success stories.

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