Stage 1: Launch

Jump-Start Your New Practice’s Marketing

Your dream of opening a practice has come true, but start-up costs aren’t cheap, and communicating your value to patients isn’t easy. You know you need revenue now—and marketing to meet your goals of increasing practice visibility and reaching patients. Where do you start to cover your growing expenses?

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Lifecycle of an Optometry Practice

Stage 1 - Launch

New practices looking to jump-start their digital presence & marketing

Stage 2 - Site

Practices looking for a digital presence to boost general & referral patients

Stage 3 - Reach

Established practices looking to grow their brand & book ANY new patient

Stage 4 - Focus

Established practices looking for high-revenue specialty & optical patients

Stage 5 - Complete

Established practices looking to grow to multiple locations, retire or sell

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What Are Your Goals?

EyeCarePro is here to guide you through the successful opening of your new practice. What are your goals? What kind of patients do you want to help? New practices have enough costs, and our eye care experts will tailor a plan around your goals to immediately address your revenue.

Future-Proof Your Practice

Your actions now determine if your practice survives. Without a marketing strategy tailored to your goals, it’s harder to cover expenses and provide for your staff. And without a functional website and local SEO optimization, you won’t reach enough patients—or earn the trust of those that do find you.

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How EyeCarePro Can Help

Maybe you need a beautiful website tailored to your services and values. Or maybe it’s reaching patients and earning their trust. Launch delivers success so you can start booking appointments, making optical sales and covering expenses. Once your Digital Marketing Strategist hears your goals, they’ll make a plan to help you:

Get More Clicks

 The local patients you need are searching Google for an optometrist. We’ll use SEO optimization and Google Ads to help you reach for the top of search results and motivate them when they're actively searching for help from an OD.


A Beautiful Website

Getting the right patients to your site is half the battle, speaking to their needs with your services and earning their trust is the other. Your beautiful site is tailored to your services & designed with patient experience in mind–and to convert.


Spread the Word

Patients need to hear about your products and services multiple times to be motivated. Easily schedule campaigns based on your needs with ads, landing pages, emails and social posts to give them the ‘touch points’ they need to book an exam.


The Plans

Cold Start

Once you open your practice, you’ll need an online presence to connect with local patients. Cold Start offers social media and a modern website to convert web visitors so that you can focus on running your practice.

Warm Start

When your new practice needs to earn trust with patients and reach new ones, Warm Start lets locals know you’re open for business with quality optometric content to start covering expenses.

Hot Start

If your new practice wants to make a splash booking appointments, Hot Start gets you found sooner by local patients and motivates them to book with unique content tailored to your services.

What They Say

EyeCarePro are the leading eye care marketing experts in the field. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our client success stories.

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