Everyone’s a Marketer,
Even Optometrists!

Yes, there are absolutely marketing specialists, who strategically and tactically promote and engage consumers, clients, and patients in a given industry. But that’s the exception to the rule. Here is the truth:

Every single person in any business is a marketer. Whether it’s answering the phones, making sure that a product is as good as it can be, or ensuring that service goes above and beyond...all of that is what reputation and promotion depend on. The most talented marketer in the world would struggle to grow a business with a well-deserved bad reputation. You can work with your staff to be more conscious of their role as the face of you brand. They are marketers, too, and they directly affect your practice’s growth, for better or for worse.

The Right Foot Forward:
Your Practice Brand

Every aspect of your practice that your patients interact with plays a role in defining the patient experience you provide and what to expect from your practice, whether good or bad. In previous articles and ebooks, we’ve discussed how it’s important to think about who and what you are, in order to have an articulated brand. We even made an ebook guide to developing your practice brand. 

It’s obvious that employees should be polite, respectful, and helpful. But you can take it a big step further. Work with staff to be on the same page about what you want your practice to look, feel, and sound like, from the time people make that first phone call to the time they walk out of your office. Are you going for fun and informal? Serious and passionate? A sense of medical professionalism? A family-friendly establishment? A high-end fashion vendor? All of these varying qualities can only be properly represented by your staff if you talk it out, set an example, and reinforce it consistently.

I'd Like Help Growing My Practice, Please.

Staff Engagement is Key For Marketing Success


A well-defined brand and a bit of creative management can turn staff from passive to active participants in your marketing. Engage your staff. Everyone likes it when their idea is put into action and it builds an environment where your staff members are actively thinking about how they can do it all better. When someone comes up with an idea that promotes  your practice and fits with your brand, jump on it, validate it, and hold your staff member(s) accountable to actually see it through. This can be anything from

  • promotional event ideas
  • social media posts and activity (we’ll talk about that more)
  • dispensary layout
  • the way you deliver the great news that eyewear is ready for pick up...

It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s productive. That level of staff engagement will not only build a positive work environment, it will also be a fantastic idea pool for you to leverage for growth. It has an added benefit too in that it creates a real sense of purpose and belonging that your patients won’t fail to pick up on, and appreciate. That right there is priceless marketing.

Marketing Makes All the Difference.

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