Expanding Your Optometry Practice: How New Specialties Can Help

Expanding Your Optometry Practice: How New Specialties Can Help

Optometry practices need to think outside the box to stay successful. Offering more than just traditional eye exams can attract new patients and boost your bottom line. One exciting option is NeuroVisual Medicine, like those offered by NVMI (NeuroVisual Medicine Institute), a field that can seriously improve patient lives. Adding new technology and specialized services helps your practice stand out.

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson, owner of Lakeline Vision Source, knows this firsthand. When she wanted to add a new associate, Dr. Catalasan, she wrestled with how to give this new doctor enough patients to succeed. Splitting up the existing patients wasn't ideal – it could upset everyone involved.

A Turning Point

Dr. Sorrenson found the answer at a conference where she learned about a new 'specialty in a box' approach for optometrists.

"Hearing Dr. Debby from NeuroVisual Medicine present sparked my interest right away," she said.

Dr. Sorrenson saw that if Dr. Catalasan had learned these new techniques, her schedule could have quickly filled with this different type of patient. She offered Dr. Catalasan the job, requiring that she attend training at the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute (NVMI). Dr. Catalasan jumped at the opportunity.

Some of Dr. Sorrenson's colleagues weren't sure about this new idea, but she knew the investment was worth it. The training was affordable, and the new skills brought in patients they hadn't served before.

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Success and Growth

The results speak for themselves. Dr. Catalasan's income has skyrocketed since adding NVMI to her practice. She gets referrals from all over and loves helping a whole new group of patients.

"My goal is for my doctors to be happy and fulfilled," says Dr. Sorrenson. "Dr. Catalasan loves her work with NeuroVisual patients – it warms my heart."

Finding Your Niche and Promoting Your Practice

Focus on specialties that truly interest you—they improve patient care and make your work more rewarding. Build a reputation for your unique skills. Don't underestimate the power of marketing! Partners like EyeCarePro can help spread the word.

The Right Tools Make a Difference

EyeCarePro can make running your growing practice easier. It streamlines operations and has the tools to reach patients to grow your practice properly.

The Bottom Line

Expanding your optometry practice with specialties is a smart way to attract new patients and make your work more rewarding. EyeCarePro can help you get there! Talk to us about how we can help your practice grow.