4 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Second Pair Sales

Sales in your optical dispensary are an important part of your practice's revenue. We've already discussed the doctor handoff and using sunglasses as a loss leader. Now our friends over at VisionWeb have some great suggestions on making second pair sales, a big challenge for most practices.

They've put together a list of 4 problems throughout your office workflow that could be hurting your opportunity for second pair sales.


Most patients in your practice are going to be able to tell if you're just trying to make an extra sale. They need to understand how a second pair of frames is going to benefit their quality of vision.

SOLUTION: Being able to prescribe a pair of frames as computer glasses, protective sunwear, or sport/recreation frames are three examples of needs that your patients might need filled by their eyewear. Don't just hope that the discount will do the selling for you. As the OD it's your job to use your influence and expertise to help your optician close those sales in the dispensary.


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Once you've fulfilled a patient need with a recommendation, how are you handing your patients off to your opticians? Having a strong hand off and communicating patient needs to your optician is an important part of the sale.

SOLUTION: There are a few different ways to handle the optical hand off. Try one of these options:

  • OD delivers the patient to the optician in optical
  • OD brings the optician into the exam room for a consultation
  • Front desk delegates the hand off
  • Optician joins the OD for the full exam



Do you have a promotion, special offer, or discount for all second pair sales in place? If you don't or if your patients aren't responding to it, it's probably not a valuable offer. The main reason patients won't purchase a second pair of frames is due to cost, so lowering that barrier is the surest way to convince them of the value of having an extra set of eyeglasses.

SOLUTION: Most practices offer some type of discount on second pair sales. This is a great opportunity to test some different pricing incentives to see what your patients are more responsive too. Options include things like buy one pair get the second 50% off, or $50 off a second pair when you buy one full price. There are many different ways you can spin the discount to see what works best for your market.


Your team might not be pushing for second pair sales because they don't see their value. Extra motivation and incentives for your team can help your staff provide better service and close more sales in the dispensary. Working towards a team goal is a great way to keep everyone working together, and holds everyone accountable for the sales made in your practice.

SOLUTION: Depending on your budget, sales incentives can be offered in many different ways. You can provide a monetary team bonus when a monthly or quarterly goal is hit, or reward team members with something like an extra afternoon off from the office. Either way, be sure to emphasize how increasing optical dispensary sales can impact the team members' individual bottom lines as well as the growth of the practice.

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