More Patient Appointments Are Calling. Answer Them with Ring Analytics.


Miss Fewer Opportunities and Book More Appointments

From tone of voice, to whether a staff member offers to put patients on a cancellation list, you’d be surprised by the sorts of things said over the phone that can send a patient running for your nearest competitor. Left unchecked, minor hiccups in the customer experience can turn into major headaches for your practice. If your phones are ringing off the hook, but you still have blank spaces on your appointment calendar, it might be time to reassess how your phones are being answered.

Ring Analytics is designed with busy doctors in mind. Rather than taking time away from your hectic schedule to diagnose the problem, our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence analyzes your calls to find a solution for you.

Ring Ai dashboards

How It Works


The premise behind Ring Analytics is simple: It collects the data you need to find out why patients are calling your office, but not booking appointments.

Ring Analytics routes calls to your practice through EyeCarePro’s HIPAA compliant call management platform, where everything is recorded, transcribed and analyzed. The artificial intelligence automatically searches the call for performance indicators to determine patient booking behavior.

You’ll discover:

  • How many calls do, and don’t, result in booked appointments
  • Comprehensive breakdowns of when call volume is the highest and lowest
  • How many calls you miss
  • Month over month comparisons of calls and appointments to track your progress
  • Likely reasons a call didn’t result in an appointment

Review Calls At Any Time

You can listen to the recording or review the transcript of any call at any time using the Ring Analytics dashboard. You can even review missed calls to find out what patients are searching for.

Identify Opportunities to Improve

With Ring Analytics, you can keep both eyes on your practice while also assessing your staff’s performance. Find out what is and isn’t working when they answer the phones, then shore up any gaps in your customer experience. Create strategies to increase patient bookings and then monitor their progress. Reach peak efficiency by knowing where and how to allocate office resources.


With Ring Analytics, you can:

  • Find the best times to fully staff the phones
  • Discover where and how to revise your phone scripts
  • Track staff progress and identify opportunities for further training

Raise the Bars: Don’t Treat Your Patients to Poor Phone Service

Your phones are one of the most important touch points your practice has. Every day you aren’t optimizing them is another day of lost patients and revenue. Sign up for Ring Analytics and start connecting with your patients today!

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