Which is better, 1 or 2? How about 5? Google Reviews for your Optometry Practice


The more positive reviews a service has, the more likely that it will be chosen. So if you want patients to choose you over your competitors, you’ve got to make sure your fans are raving about you. And the best place to do that is on Google reviews. 

Why Google Reviews?

Your Google reviews are part of your Google My Business results, which shows all of your practice information on Google (See why we prefer Google to Yelp here). Your reviews will show up alongside search results for your practice, and if you make it to the local-pack, your reviews will show up there as well. Reviews are a contributor to your local SEO strategy, so as the quantity and diversity of your reviews grows, your rankings will, too. And of course, higher reviews can be the difference between a potential patient clicking on you versus a competitor with fewer reviews. We take Google Reviews very seriously!

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So How Do I Get More Reviews For My Practice?

It’s simple. Get more Google reviews by asking more patients for them, more often.

(Click here to see how to respond to reviews no matter how many stars you get!)

Reviews are the cherry on top of what is hopefully a fulfilling, all-encompassing patient experience. A 5 star Google review starts from the moment the patient discovers you online. Having an easy-to-find, mobile-first website with a clearly placed phone number and “book appointment” button is the first step. 

Once a patient has booked, your follow-up process needs to be seamless as well. From confirming the appointment, greeting your patient in your reception to offering a thorough exam, your patient needs to feel taken care of, listened to and properly advised the entire way through. 

If you’re using a Reviews tool such as our Google Reviews App, included in any of our marketing services, your job is done! But if not, you’ll need to set up a process to request reviews, ideally an automated one.

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Get Your Optometry Staff Involved in Google Reviews

As your staff interacts with your patients, it’s crucial that they know to ask for reviews along the way. Of course, as your patient leaves, a good idea is to have the receptionist ask,

“Did you enjoy your visit today?”

 And if the answer is yes, the follow up should then be, 

“Would you mind leaving us a review on Google? I’ll send you a link.”

Templates for requesting Google Reviews

Your Google Reviews request needs to be personalized, short and include a custom link. You should request a review in person, but you can choose to have the follow-up via a printed card, text message, or email. 

Here are some template examples for Google Reviews requests for your patients.

Printed Card: Thank you for visiting [practice name]. We hope you enjoyed your visit! Please leave us a review at [insert review link]. We hope to see you again soon!

Text: Hi [Name]! We hope you enjoyed your visit to [Practice name] today! Please leave us a review here: [insert link]. Thanks for taking the time, and we’re here if you have any questions. [Practice number] 


Hi [Name]! 

Thank you for visiting us at [Practice name] today! Did you enjoy your visit? We hope you did, and we’d love it if you could take a moment to leave us a review. 

 [insert button link]


The team at [Practice Name]

Of course, you can send out general reminders to leave a review on your website,  in a newsletter and on social media.

Combining a positive patient experience and a process for requesting reviews with our effective templates should help boost your Google Reviews, and eventually, your bottom line.


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