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  • Practice of The Month: How Treating Staff and Patients Like Family Brings Patient Loyalty

    Sunday October 17, 2021
    In this Practice of the Month, we discover how Precision Eye Care of New Jersey, and their beloved eye doctor, Dr. Livia Derdova, developed a unique practice brand that encourages immense patient loyalty.
  • How to Modify Your Social Strategy for the New Instagram

    Sunday October 10, 2021
    Are you marketing your practice on Instagram? If you are, you might want to assess your social media strategy. Instagram is morphing into TikTok and the tactics you used last year won't work this year. That's why EyeCarePro has released our fully updated Optometrists Guide to Marketing on Instagram with the latest tips to survive the transition. Download it for free today and start putting some power behind your posts.
  • Inspirational Story: Dr. Lindsay Berry

    Sunday October 3, 2021
    We often ask our eye doctors why they chose optometry as their profession. While this content can go a long way on their profile page, we genuinely enjoy hearing the stories they share. Though they give us many different reasons, the one that is common amongst them is their desire to help people. See how Dr. Berry was able to help a woman that came into her office complaining of dizziness that seriously disrupted her life.
  • How to Score New Patients for Your Sports Vision Practice

    Friday October 1, 2021
    Looking to grow your sports vision practice? Read all about these time-tested marketing strategies that are designed to turn your patients into real superfans.
  • Patient Loyalty: How and Why

    Thursday September 23, 2021
    It’s always a great feeling to see a new patient come through your practice doors. You devote an incredible amount of marketing time and effort, both online and offline, to attract more patients so that you can expand your patient base and, with it, your bottom line. However, with all this emphasis on attracting new patients, many practices lose sight of an equally important item: maintaining existing repeat revenue by fostering patient loyalty.

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