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  • SEO Is Not What You Think It Is

    Monday September 26, 2022
    It’s nice to be ranked #1, but success in SEO is far more complex than that. The more you understand it, the more likely you are to work within the algorithm to get more clicks, and ultimately, book more appointments.
  • Your FREE Blue Light Marketing Campaign is Here!

    Tuesday September 20, 2022
    Download the free campaign and start reaching more patients today.
  • How to Keep Your Social Media Social

    Tuesday September 6, 2022
    Getting your social media post seen used to be as easy as clicking 'post.' Your patients expect your content to be current, but it takes time to do it properly and it's increasingly more difficult to work with the algorithm to be seen. Read our blog with tips to boost your social channels and stay top-of-mind with patients as you advertise your services and promotions
  • Ragweed Allergies

    Tuesday August 23, 2022
    Summer has finally come to an end, and allergies are a thing of the past until next year. Or so you may think! If you’re still sneezing and sniffling all day and night, you may be one of the 10%-30% of the population that suffers from hay fever, an allergic reaction to a type of plant commonly known as ragweed.
  • Get a Free Back-to-School Marketing Campaign!

    Wednesday August 17, 2022
    Reach more parents to schedule their children into appointments. Back To School is here…have you reminded your patients to book an eye exam for their child? We’ve got a free campaign that we can use to help, including Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile Posts, an email, landing page copy and a poster.


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Sharing Our Successes

  • Broward Eye Care: An EyeCarePro Adwords Case Study

    Broward Eye Care was already one of the better known practices in their area, but they were still losing patients to the competition despite their quality care and cutting-edge treatment options. That's when they turned to EyeCarePro's Adwords program. Discover how a practice can go from better to best with the help of pay per click ads.
  • Vision Professionals: An ODSpecialty Case Study

    For one practice, normal outreach wasn't cutting it. That's when they turned to us for help. In this case study, explore how EyeCarePro's ODSpecialty service helped to increase web traffic, new patient bookings and new patient revenue after just one month!
  • Buena Vista Case Study

    EyeCarePro helps Buena Vista Optical grow 30% in revenue, new patients, and increase web traffic by almost 50%.
  • Grow Your Practice with Our Live Scheduler

    For one practice in Las Vegas, it turns out boosting patient appointments was as easy as putting a live scheduler on the homepage. Discover how one piece of technology helped increase average monthly online patient bookings by almost 600%!