Promoting Your Trunk Show or Event
It’s Easier Than You Think

After taking the time to brainstorm your trunk show goals and audience, and figuring out your theme and decor, you’ll also want to make sure not only that your patients are in the know, but also that you are attracting new audiences with something interesting and fun—unless of course, you’re planning an exclusive event for your top-spenders, which is totally legit too.

Naturally, make sure to feature the event on your website and in-store with flyers. But don’t stop there...



Email is a great way to reach your patient base. The occasional marketing email for an exciting event is a perfect use of your email list and it’s a highly effective way to reach those patients. Promote the event, the theme, the costume, the prices—whatever stands out and suits the target audience. Reminder emails are usually a good idea, but not too close to one another—yet another reason to plan ahead and give yourself lots of time.

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This practice is boosting an evening event on Facebook, featuring prizes and special offers from select vendors. The menu is tied to Cinco De Mayo.

Facebook and Instagram

Social media is a fantastic way to engage and attract interest. Create posts and an event on Facebook, and tag and share away. If you aren’t sure on how all that works, check this article out! Share with friends and have staff do the same.

One way to think outside the box with Facebook is to raffle off something—say a free pair of sunglasses or the like,—once or twice before the event. To enter the raffle, a person would need to share the trunk show post on their own timeline. This way, you get (almost) free advertising to their friends and family, most of whom are probably living in the community.

You might want to boost the event or posts as well. Make sure to constrain the radius to within an area people would be willing to travel. You might want to restrict the boost to an audience that is specific to your theme or goals. You can target by sex, profession, and interests, so think about who you want to see your add. Exclude irrelevant demographics so that you aren’t wasting your budget on people who won’t be interested.


The goal is exposure to create interest, but do make sure the costs are reasonable. Local radio blasts can be effective if you aren’t in a large urban area. But it’s very difficult to gauge how effective that is. Same goes for direct mail campaigns, which are very costly to run and don’t provide much data on how well it worked. Advertising in local papers, magazines, and circulars is always an option too, but mileage may vary so weigh the costs carefully.

Printed material, though, is a horse of a different color! Having flyers is good. Having engaging signage visible from outside the practice is a fantastic way to grab attention and interest. The same goes for signage around the display area for a featured product. If you are coordinating with a vendor, ask them in advance for marketing assets you can use. They’re spending the money on making them, so take advantage.

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Help with Planning, Design, & Implementation

EyeCarePro marketing services provide you with a dedicated marketing manager who will provide monthly marketing strategy, including planning fantastic events. We will also take care of the design, Facebook and emails for you! 

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