Let Your Hair Down and Make a Spectacle

Of Your Optical — Accelerated Growth, Increased Revenues

Turbo-charge new patient appointments & optical sales

Are you serious about accelerated new patient growth? Increasing your capture rate? Earning higher revenues per optical purchase?

ODOptical is an advanced marketing package for practices who want to take their marketing up a notch.

The approach combines custom, branded design balanced with high-performance content tied together with an impressive layout and user experience.

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Drive measurable new patient appointment growth and expanded optical sales by:
  • Driving a broader range of new patients from Google into your lanes
  • Expressing your practice brand identity and optical offerings uniquely and tastefully
  • Increasing revenue by targeting high-revenue products and services such as blue light and advanced lens options, designer frame brands, and content-driven patient generation strategies
  • Advanced marketing consultation and support to achieve your growth aspirations

So, What Does it Take To Drive Sales Besides

A Beautifully Designed, Persuasive Website?

What You Will Get is

A Unique Approach to Practice Growth

Beautiful custom designs and a rich content strategy are what ODOptical is all about. So, you can expect:

  • Custom-designed homepage and strategic landing pages
  • Individualized branding
  • Professional videography and photography services
  • Advanced social media strategy
  • Guidance and staff training for improving capture rates and revenue from sales
  • Bespoke monthly marketing consultation and planning with a dedicated expert

Video & Photo Shoot

Your brand's authenticity needs photos and videos of you, your practice, and your products. You will love your site to start,  EyeCarePro pays for a video/photo crew at your practice. We spend the first 3 months strategizing, understanding the brand, then the videos and photos will serve as the basis for your new custom website, as well as your ongoing marketing.


Optical & Optometry Advanced SEO

Put your practice on the map for every relevant Google search above and beyond terms such as “eye doctor,” “eye exam,” and “optometrist”. We make sure you rank for less common searches such as “Tom Ford Frames”, “blue light” and “Transitions Lenses”. Ranking visibly for both main search terms and the hundreds of others that drive appointments is what real optometry SEO is all about.


Advanced Content Strategies

In order to use your website as a tool for growth, we leverage content as a proven way of generating appointments and optical sales. Every month we will write about specific topics and strategic locations will result in sustainable long term growth. ODOptical incorporates a highly advanced content strategy that develops in-depth, location-targeted pages and blogs, on services and optical topics every month.

Increasing Optical Conversions With

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing

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Be Seen...Again and Again and Again!

A winning strategy is to be seen on multiple channels, and this naturally includes where your potential patients hang out online. ODOptical includes a rigorous social media strategy to share your brand and your message effectively throughout your community.

We work with your practice to help you expand your social media presence in a more impactful way on Facebook and Instagram. And this is in addition to our library of over 500 social campaigns that includes posters, email, and website graphics, custom graphics which are aligned with your brand identity.

Focused Content Raises Your Profile and Broadens Your Reach

By applying a content strategy based on what a wide range of different patients are looking for, we are able to lead them to straight from Google and into your lanes.

2 additional pieces of content for you each month that are linked to highly designed and thought through landing pages so you can be found. This could include:


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Empowering You: Let us help you succeed

With Marketing Expertise & Training

Audience raising hands up while businessman is speaking in training at the office.

Your dedicated Marketing Manager seeks to understand your practice and develop your practice marketing. On your monthly calls, you will strategize and plan the coming months marketing, as well as discuss your comprehensive monthly report.

Monthly Training

Ever wondered why your blue light, sunglasses, or second pair sales were not as high as they should be? Your marketing consultant works with some of the most innovative optometry/optical practices around. Leveraging the best of what each practice has to offer, you will get a monthly blog or video that shares innovative best practices, social media training, to help you and your staff effectively market both services and your retail, online and at your practice.

So, How Much is...

A Service Like This?

You get all this and more with ODOptical, with quantifiable and measurable growth in new patient appointment numbers. Priced at $750/month ($50/additional location).

ODOptical is a super-charged optometry and optical marketing package with a very clear measurable goal sustained new patients and growth in optical sales.


So, it Also Takes Marketing To Drive Sales Besides

A Beautifully Designed, Persuasive Website?