Prescribing and Selling Sports Eyewear in Your Practice

Aired June 24, 2021

About 30,000 sports-related eye injuries serious enough to end in a visit to the emergency room occur each year in the United States, and the majority happen to those under the age of 18.  More than 90% of sports- and recreation-related eye injuries can be prevented by using appropriate, properly fitted sports eyewear.  Join International Sports Vision Association (ISVA) Vice President - Membership Jennifer Stewart, OD and Daniel Rostenne, CEO of EyeCarePro, as they discuss what you need to know about successfully prescribing and selling appropriate protective sports eyewear to each of your athlete patients.

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This webinar is being presented by ISVA as part of their Protect.Prevent.Play. program, which is supported by an educational grant from Zyloware Eyewear.

Our Presenters

Dr. Jennifer Stewart is currently an optometrist and partner at Norwalk Eye Care (www.norwalkeyecare.com) in Norwalk, CT. Dr. Stewart has worked with athletes from the NHL, NFL and NBA as well as professional athletes in squash, lacrosse and figure skating.

Dr Stewart was presented with the Theia Award for Innovation by Women in Optometry in 2019 for her work in sports and performance vision. She was also recently appointed Vice President, Membership for the International Sports Vision Association (ISVA).

Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Daniel Rostenne has been in the optometric industry for over 25 years and CEO of EyeCarePro for the last 17 years.

EyeCarePro has become the industry leader in marketing and works with over 2000 practices across the US and Canada to help them get new patients online. EyeCarePro's focus on innovation and specialization has allowed them to develop services for all types of practices from single-doctor community practices, to neuro, VT, scleral, low vision, or myopia practices up to multi-location urban powerhouses. Come and meet your next Digital Marketing Manager at EyeCarePro. We're here to help you grow your practice.