Practice of The Month: 3 Simple Ingredients for A Great Patient Experience


A great patient experience is the best way to encourage people to return to your practice time and again for their eye care needs, and promote your practice to friends and family. But what ingredients make up this kind of patient experience? We chose TSO of Mansfield for our Practice of the Month because they  are a great example of a practice that has these ingredients down to a science! To get an idea of some of the things they do right, let’s take a look at a few of their 533 Google Reviews, and see what people have to say. Here we go!

Patient Experience Ingredient #1:
Don’t Be Pushy!

Nobody likes to feel pressured. Whether it’s a telemarketer on the phone or a car salesman on the lot, people feel put off by an approach that is overly pushy. The same is true for your eye clinic. We know that many of our practices invest a lot of money into new eye care technology, and stylish high-end frames and lenses. The real return on those investments comes when patients upgrade to the more advanced services, and buy the more expensive frames. However, being overly pushy in trying to upgrade patients to more expensive services, frames or lenses can often make patients feel uncomfortable, and they may choose to go to another eye clinic next time, rather than return to your office, where they felt pressured and put upon. In contrast, the review below shows that TSO of Mansfield knows the value of a light touch:

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The patient in this review loves her optical office! She mentions many reasons (some of them we’ll touch upon later), including the wide selection of eyeglass frames that TSO of Mansfield offers. It’s fair to assume that she will be back for all her eye care and eyewear needs, and will almost definitely be buying her frames in-office. And what will keep her coming back? “But what I love the most about this Office is that they make you feel comfortable and they don’t pressure you into anything.”

Now, let’s take a look at another one:


Again, we see that a light touch is what brings this patient to “recommend this practice for all your vision needs.” Charlie drove an hour to see the eye doctor at TSO of Mansfield, and bought glasses in-practice because he felt “no pressure to spend extra money!”

Patient Experience Ingredient #2:
Take The Time to Answer Questions

We understand that sometimes your schedule can get packed, and it’s easier to just push through exams, and get patients through your lanes as efficiently as possible. The urge to emphasize efficiency over attention is one we all get when we’re busy! Patients, on the other hand, don’t care that you’re busy. They don’t want to feel like just a number on the assembly line.

We see an appreciation for the time TSO of Mansfield’s doctors took with their patients in the reviews above. In his review, we see Charlie compliment the optometrist when he says, “The doctor treated me as if I was his only patient and gave me his undivided attention.” And Mitchiko positively glows in her review, when she says “Dr. Masters is my best friend… in my head! Lol! She actually helps you to understand why your eyes may be performing the way they are. She listens to your concerns and her bedside manner is unmatched!”

Unfortunately this approach is not a foregone conclusion for many practices. In the below review, we see that it’s TSO of Mansfield’s approach here that makes them exceptional in the eyes of the patient:


The patient starts out his review by saying that he has had “some not so great experiences with optometrists.” But his skepticism quickly turns to praise, once he visits TSO of Mansfield! Along with complimenting the front office staff for being friendly and prompt, he comments that Dr. Masters, “did something that very few doctors do,” when she simply listened to, and answered, all his questions. He goes on to compliment Stephanie, in the optical department, for not being pushy, and for knowledgably and patiently walking him through his eyewear options, and explaining his insurance coverage. It was the patience and care of the doctor and the optical staff to answer his questions that really set TSO of Mansfield apart from the pack!

Patient Experience Ingredient #3: Go Out Of Your Way to Be Helpful

Nobody likes the infamous, “bathrooms for paying customers only,” sign. It’s hard to like people who help others only when there’s something in it for them. On the other hand, we remember and appreciate people who go out of their way to help, even if it doesn’t directly benefit them. Often, we go out of our way to repay the favor if and when we can. As TSO of Mansfield has seen, in the case of happy patients, this can often mean glowing Google reviews. Case in point, the following review from about a year ago:


This patient received her prescription at TSO of Mansfield, and then chose to take it to Walmart to get her glasses for cheaper. Sounds like a loss for the practice. But when Walmart screwed up her lenses, she came back to TSO to get them fixed. Now, look at the patient’s reaction when Crystal, the optician at TSO, told her the fix was free of charge. “Guys I almost cried! Thank you Crystal!” Not only will this patient continue coming to TSO of Mansfield, but she is also unlikely to try getting her glasses prescription filled anywhere else ever again! Beyond the patient herself, the review serves to warn others against going out-of-office to get their prescription filled, and showcases TSO’s great customer service to boot!

These and many other reviews highlight some of the key ingredients TSO of Mansfield uses every day to ensure their patients have a positive eye care experience. For more tips on how to improve your office’s patient experience, and for help with your optometry marketing, get in touch with us by filling out the form on this page, or check out our optometry growth plans, today!


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