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Strategic marketing campaigns work great when they're done right

We recently talked about how the strategy for your campaigns must be based on the kind of patient you're trying to reach, and in a way that aligns with your growth goals. It’s important to plan in advance so you can understand who your ideal audience is and how to best target them. We also wrote about the specific ingredients for campaign success —Your messaging and imagery should be tailored to the audience and platform you're using.

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While we go into detail about the steps to getting the secret sauce for all of this right, it’s always helpful to see the magic in action. 

That’s why we have chosen a Practice of the Month to showcase marketing campaigns done right.

After you watch the video above, you can read more here about what makes a great marketing campaign.


What Do Great Campaigns Look Like?

This month, we’re featuring an awesome client of ours as an excellent example of a practice that utilizes campaigns to their utmost potential. Dunlap Vision of Bourbonnais, IL, follows the strategy of a practice looking to grow their general patient base (we call this Stage One). They choose seasonal, monthly, and personalized campaigns that they feature across their social media. This strategy focuses on a different segment of their ideal audience in each campaign, which is the most effective way to ensure an all-encompassing marketing strategy that will drive new patient appointments and increase patient retention rates.


What makes these campaigns so effective?

The first thing to note is the amount of engagement on their Facebook page, which is due to them being mindful of how they post.

In their most recent post, the practice engages with an existing patient — with a HIPAA media release form, of course! — who is wearing their frames. This is a personalized approach using messaging such as, “We love our patients”, and they ask their audience to share their experiences as well. This engages existing patients, which helps to increase their patient recall rate. 

  • The messaging also gives a subtext of great patient experience with their optical
  • The 278 engagements indicate the effectiveness of the post and can create a ripple effect to garner brand awareness outside the patient base.
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  • Typical frames posts are given a refreshing makeover by using a consistent weekly post rhythm
  • These are great examples of promoting frames and getting high engagement for an otherwise basic post
  • Sunglasses is a topic that will hone in on a segment of their target audience, based on their growth strategy, so they will hopefully generate some optically-engaged patient appointments
  • Again, the focus is on engaging existing patients while letting potential patients know that this is a great practice to get glasses.
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  • This post takes all of the elements of back to school seasonality and couples it with the medical aspect of blue light lenses 
  • Blue light lenses is one subject that targets a specific subset of their ideal audience, so they will hopefully generate some patients interested in blue-light. This fits right into their growth strategy
  • The image uses one of their own patients, which can be a good opportunity to use the tag feature (again, with consent!). It depicts a scenario that many children are experiencing; remote computer learning, which emphasizes the need for blue-light protection
  • By using phrasing like, “we’ve taken notice”, they show that they care and that they provide personalized care and attention
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  • These staff posts get great engagement partly because they show pictures of people, which always perform well, especially behind-the-scenes images of your staff
  • They build trust by calling out the practice’s long-standing experience, in testimonial style
  • The comment section is a great place to gather further testimonials, as people attest to their positive experience
  • Lastly, staff feel valued and appreciated because the post is showing that they matter
Great job, Dunlap Vision! This practice has demonstrated effective and strategic campaigns on their Facebook page that engage, educate, empower and hopefully encourage patient recalls and new patient growth.


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