Very Simple Guide to Practice Branding


By now you know that without a brand it's hard to show you're different than any other eye doctor around.

You might be thinking, “how the heck do I get started? Well, let’s get our thinking caps on...

What Does your Practice Look Like?

Ask yourself: What do you want our practice to look like, perceptually and emotionally?  This is expressed everywhere we have a presence, such as...

  • Our website
  • Our logo
  • Our color palette
  • On social media
  • Our waiting room, lane, and dispensary.

Anywhere you exist, you need to think about the look and feel you want to project. After giving that some thought, We suggest that you come up with 5 visual changes to make in the office or online... and then you actually have to do it! We're very practical in that way!

Want some more tips and advice on practice branding from Evan himself?


What Does your Practice Sound Like?

What do patients and public hear from you? This affects the way...

  • We answer the phone
  • We provide customer service
  • Our website content is written—is it funny? Personable? Serious? Academic?
  • We word social media posts —This one is a biggie! Your social media needs a defined voice. Are we funny? Informative? Entertaining? Educational? What kind of things are we posting?

We say the same thing here.  Come up with 5 targets, such as your phone protocol, then implement those changes.

What Does your Practice Feel Like?

Take a look at the first two above. The sum total of the look and sound of your practice to the public is what your brand identity feels like.

We suggest that you put yourself into the shoes of a patient, asking patients for candid feedback doesn’t hurt either! Ideally, you could even ask someone to go through the whole process on your behalf, or even do it yourself (although that would give you a bit of a biased resulted).  Regardless, you or someone else should go through the process. Call up and see what the phone experience is like. How did you feel? Go through the process of coming in. How long are people waiting? What do they see? How are you engaged by the staff and surroundings?

After going through that, or having a trusted friend do so, what were your impressions. Did you feel cared for? Rushed? Ignored? Pampered? What stands out to you for good and for bad?

Our Three Step plan is to take those impressions and run with them. Tweak and enhance where needed. And don’t sweat it. Branding is a process. It isn’t all or nothing. But it is essential and we hope this helps you on your way.


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