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ArtificiaI Intelligence Based Phone Analytics

Your practice is getting calls…do you know what’s happening during them?  EyeCarePro and The Power Practice have partnered to offer RingAnalytics, an AI-based platform that allows real-time analysis of incoming calls, so you’ll know how many calls did or didn’t result in a booked appointment, and why.


A Better Patient Experience

RingAnalytics combines machine learning and natural language processing to analyze phone calls and determine if they result in appointments or not. The platform also provides detailed reports on the types of calls received, when call volume is highest and when you’re missing calls, which will help you:

  • Determine exactly how many calls failed to book an appointment and why
  • Get the info to make actionable and meaningful decisions to improve call procedures
  • Improve your customer service, miss fewer calls, and convert more calls into bookings

Speak to EyeCarePro About RingAnalytics

RingAnalytics is available in two tiers: The premium tier, priced at $499, includes RingAnalytics and a monthly consulting session with The Power Practice to go over key insights from the data including strengths and plans of action for improvement. The basic tier, priced at $299, includes RingAnalytics only. Fill out the form or email Lenny today to get started!

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About The Power Practice

The Power Practice is a company specializing in innovative practice building services and tools for private optometrists. For 20+ years, The Power Practice has been creating success for optometry practices by providing coaching and consultative services completely tailored to transform their client’s business and make the client’s definition of success a top priority. The Power Practice Team guides practitioners to dream bigger and achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible!

Pricing options for RingAnalytics are as follows:

Tiers Price What's Included
Premium $499
  • RingAnalytics Platform
  • Monthly coaching session*
Basic $299
  • RingAnalytics Platform

*The coaching session is a monthly meeting with Power Practice to go over key insights from the data including strengths and plans of action for improvement.


About EyeCarePro

EyeCarePro is a marketing agency exclusively serving eye care providers. Founded in 2004 by CEO Daniel Rostenne, EyeCarePro has helped over 2000 practices reach their marketing goals by offering practice’s digital strategies that deliver more appointments, specialized content and automation solutions. A winner of Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for best online and social media marketing services four years in a row, EyeCarePro continues its track record of continuous improvement with RingAnalytics.