Google Ads
Is It The Key to New Patients?



Webinar Aired—
February 25

Join Review of Optometric Business, EyeCarePro and guest, Dr. Josiah Young, for an informative webinar on everything you need to know about Google Ads.

We'll discuss what Google Ads can and can't do for optometry practices. We'll also ask EyeCarePro's resident Google Ad expert, Jeff Magaha, what a practice should expect from a Google Ads campaign.

Topics of Discussion:

  • What does a practice need to run their own Google Ads?
  • Google Ad spend and ROI - what should I expect for either?
  • Does Google Ads work for specialty services like myopia management, vision therapy and the like?
  • Clicks, calls, conversions - how should you measure Google Ad results?
  • Plus a whole lot of advice from Dr. Young and Jeff

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Our Presenters


Daniel Rostenne, CEO, EyeCarePro

Daniel Rostenne has been in the optometric industry for over 25 years. With EyeCarePro in the works for the last 15 years.

EyeCarePro has become industry leaders in marketing for Eye Care. With over 2000 ODS across the US and Canada, they continuously develop the most advanced marketing strategies, customized to fit the needs of every kind of practice out there, from single-doctor community practices to multi-location urban powerhouses. From general eyecare through to the most advanced optometric and ophthalmic procedures and therapies now available.

Jeff Magaha, PPC Manager, EyeCarePro

As a Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Jeff joined EyeCarePro with a Master's Degree in integrated marketing communication and 9 years of experience in Search Engine Marketing. Jeff has set up and managed hundred of Google Ad accounts over the years and now currently manages 100 Optometry Practice's ads.


dr-young bw

Dr. Josiah Young, Opticare Vision

Dr. Young received his Doctor of Optometry degree from The Ohio State University College of Optometry. Dr. Young specializes in Pediatric eye exams, contact lens fitting and meeting the visual needs of athletes. Dr. Young also works closely with children to treat binocular vision disorders such as convergence insufficiency and amblyopia (lazy eye) in the Cincinnati area.