What, Why & How of Online Marketing


Our Very Own Daniel Rostenne Speaks To Dr. April Jasper On the Power Hour

Power Practice’s Power Hour is optometry’s only live radio show! Join us as EyeCarePro's Daniel Rostenne speaks to Dr. April Jasper about the ins and outs of online marketing and the evolving needs of eye care practices as they grow. Topics covered include:

  • What is marketing, and what is its goal?
  • What are the best ways and places to focus your marketing efforts?
  • How do Google properties, social media and video fit into your marketing strategy?
  • What are the most important tools you need for successful online marketing?
  • And More…

Take a look!

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Want the most advanced marketing for Optometry out there?

Whether you’re a single doctor generalist or a multi-location specialist, digital marketing is the single most effective means to grow your practice, with the biggest ROI bar none. And regardless of where you are on your growth journey or aspirations, we have the right marketing plan and strategy for you. We use the latest technologies, strategies, and techniques to make your practice front and center on the patient searches that matter to you.