Where did the summer go?! As much fun as summer days have been, many parents and kids are already in back-to-school mode. Book a pediatric eye exam to prepare your kids for school.

Back-to-school checklists generally include:

✔ school supplies

✔ backpack

✔ new clothes and shoes

A critical item missing from this checklist is a comprehensive eye exam!

Every child deserves to be set up for success for the new school year. Scheduling your child for a comprehensive eye exam will help them achieve it.


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Why Do Children Need Regular Eye Exams? 

Children are like sponges, absorbing information about the world through their senses. Surprisingly, research shows that up to 80% of classroom learning relies on a child's vision.

Imagine the frustration of not being able to read what's on the board or getting headaches while doing math homework. Such struggles can lead to difficulty concentrating and acting out in class, possibly indicating a vision problem in your child.

Vision issues can affect various aspects of their life, both in and out of the classroom. From reading and writing to focusing, playing sports, and socializing, a child's vision plays a significant role.

The concerning part is that many children may not realize they have a vision problem, or they might struggle to express their challenges.

This is where a pediatric eye exam becomes crucial.

By undergoing a comprehensive pediatric eye exam, your child's eye doctor can assess their eyesight, eye health, and visual skills like eye teaming and tracking. Collaborating with you, the optometrist ensures that your child receives the necessary care and support they need.


When Should You Take Your Child For an Eye Exam?

Starting routine eye exams around six months of age may seem young, but it's crucial to detect any issues early on. If your child's vision is developing normally, their next visit can be at age 2-3 and again before entering 1st grade.

After that, it's recommended that children have an annual eye exam until the age of 18, or as advised by their eye doctor. To make it easier to remember, add it to your back-to-school checklist!

Getting your child's eye exam done annually is a simple task that supports their success in school. Book your child's appointment today.

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