The Perfect Promotion: A Case Study in Patient Appreciation Day


There are lots of ways you can go about promoting an event at your practice. From direct mail to digital ad campaigns on social media to plain old flyers and signage. Each method comes with its strengths, weaknesses, and associated costs. Whatever you do, though, you should always make a landing page for it with a simple RSVP form.

Let’s take a look at Dunlap Vision. They decided on running their first-ever patient appreciation day. Events like this are a great way to make your patient base feel good and, obviously, drum up some business too.  

In the case of Dunlap Vision, it was a flying success. It took some planning, which is always essential, but then they took it a step up, beginning with the right promotion schedule.

The Planning

  • They started promoting the event on their website 30 days out.
  • Posted FB and GMB posts at 24 days out
  • Email blast: 21 days before the event.
  • Reminder email blast: 7 days out

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The Execution

The use of a toolbar above is another means to attract website traffic to the event.

In addition to planning a great event and getting the word out effectively, the secret weapon that got the most traction was a simple landing page with all the event details. The pop-up and FB posts directed traffic there, and the extra touch was an RSVP form right on the website—incentivized with being entered in a raffle for an appealing prize. Naturally, you didn’t need to RSVP in order to attend, but it builds a sense of commitment and excitement for the participants. And it worked.

A simple yet attractive landing page can go along way. It funnels the traffic from email, Facebook, and elsewhere on the website and allows you to clearly present the promotion.

An attractive landing page can go along way. It funnels the traffic from email, Facebook, and elsewhere on the website and allows you to clearly present the promotion.

Dunlap Ex 6

A simple form allows your practice to clearly lay out what’s great about the event and creates a nice buildup too. By collecting the data, it also gives you valuable insight into whom you might want to target for promoting future events.

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The Results

Within a month, this landing page was visited nearly 500 times. That’s a nice chunk of traffic for a temporary page with minimal content!

Dunlap Ex 4

Here is the May traffic report for the entire website prior to the June 8th event. Traffic spiked drastically, and even more so in the 8 days leading up to the event.

Of the 475 people who visited the promotion landing page, 60 people signed up. That’s a 12.63% conversion rate, which is nothing short of stellar in the arena of digital marketing. Of those 60 registrants, 90% attended the event, which is equally impressive. Additionally, 120 people who did not register showed up as well, for a whopping total of 180 participants. Not a bad showing at all!

And the event was a huge success. The practice cleared a decent chunk of change in optical. Even more than the actual revenues gained, the branding impact was huge. People loved it and it made the practice memorable. So much so, that lots of people expressed their interest in doing it again next year, which the practice plans to do. While the event was held outdoors, they plan to hold the event next year inside, to maximize optical sales.


The practice kept the vibe alive on Facebook during the event in order to drum up last-minute interest. See the level of engagement this post received. It showed everyone else the fun in the sun they were missing out on, and this ultimately furthers the practice brand perception too. 

Dunlap Ex 7

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