And We’re Live: Increasing Average Monthly Patient Booking by 600% With Our Live Scheduler


The Problem

Despite their wide array of eye care services and commitment to excellence, Dr. Yesnick of Yesnick Vision Center found himself facing the same challenge all eye doctors face at some point: his practice wasn’t growing.

New patients weren’t booking appointments, and existing patients weren’t coming in as often as he’d like. Additionally, Yesnick Vision Center was struggling to fill appointment time slots vacated by no-shows and cancellations. Ever eager to use his skills to improve the lives and eye health of more patients, Dr. Yesnick turned to EyeCarePro for help.

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The Solution: The Scheduler

We created a simple technological solution to all of Dr. Yesnick’s scheduling problems, something that would capture more appointments from existing patients, get more new patients to book and fill those pesky gaps left by cancellations. We call it the Scheduler.

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The Scheduler is a live scheduler that fully integrates with a practice’s EHR and can be plugged into an optometry practice’s homepage. Patients visiting the site can use it to see available appointment time slots in real-time.

Now they can book their appointments at their own convenience without having to pick up a phone or navigate a maze of confirmation pages and forms. Best of all, it automatically compiles appointment data, so you can measure real, tangible practice growth.

By the Numbers

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Getting Patients to Say YES to Yesnick

In May of 2017, we integrated Yesnick Vision Center’s EHR with the Scheduler. The live scheduler was placed front and center on their website’s homepage so patients would see it first thing. Within a month, appointment bookings increased by two-thirds over the previous month, and new patient bookings almost doubled!

As it turned out, patients were still looking at Yesnick Vision Center, but they were scared off by a complicated appointment booking process. Once that obstacle was removed, the sky was the limit for practice growth.

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Average Monthly New Patient Appointments-01

Real, Sustained Growth

The efforts to grow YESnick Vision Center have been a roaring success, thanks in good part to EyeCarePro’s Scheduler software. Patient bookings started growing immediately after the scheduler went live and have continued to grow over the past four years to almost 600 percent of their initial monthly average.

Even more impressive,  YESnick Vision Center averaged 104 new patient bookings a month during the height of the pandemic in 2020 when most eye care practices were suffering from lockdown woes.

New patient growth in general has also taken off and now makes up 72 percent of online appointment bookings.  It’s amazing how such a simple piece of technology can have such a big impact on success!

Maintaining Quality of Care

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The Scheduler allows for staff to spend less time playing phone-tag, and more time providing a high-quality patient experience within the office. That’s precisely how YESnick Vision Center was able to handle explosive growth without compromising their standard of care.

For proof, look no further than their Google reviews. YESnick Vision Center has earned an impressive 4.8 star rating on their Google My Business Page with over 600 five star reviews.


About YESnick Vision Center

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Run by the extraordinary David Yesnick, YESnick Vision Center has served the Las Vegas, Nevada area’s eye care needs for years. Not only does it boast state of the art equipment and tools few other practices in the area have, Dr. Yesnick has earned a reputation as a thoughtful and caring doctor who will do what it takes to improve his patients’ eye health. At YESnick Vision Center, they don’t rush patients. Dr. Yesnick himself is often fond of saying that it will take as long as it takes to discover what a patient’s vision problem is and the best course of action to treat it. At the core of his practice’s values is the deep appreciation for each patient’s wellbeing, and the desire to help them live healthier, more meaningful lives.


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