Optometry Marketing:
Being A Back-To-School Hero

Batman. Superman. Iron Man. Captain America.... Your Local Eye Doctor? That’s right! Back-to-School is just around the corner, and for students all over your community, you can be just as much a hero as the members of the Justice League or the Avengers!


Optometrists Save The Day!

When Billy sits in class, doing his best to copy notes from the board as his teacher speaks, only to find that everything is a blur, would it help for the Incredible Hulk to bust through the wall, and smash the board? Well, maybe… but, you know what would be more helpful? A comprehensive eye exam, performed by you and your eye care team, to diagnose if Billy has myopia or some other eye condition preventing him from seeing and processing his surroundings in class! Once the Hulk calms down, might Bruce Banner have the knowledge to prescribe the right eyeglasses, contact lenses or Vision Therapy for Billy? Maybe. But he’s not here. You are! And you get to be the Back-to-School Hero your patients want and deserve!

As an eye doctor, you know that vision issues show up every school year for many thousands of kids across the country. These conditions can take a serious toll on children’s attitudes toward their continued education, as well as their sense of their own intelligence and self-worth. So who’s there to help every year? Not Green Lantern. Not Wonder Woman. Not even Captain Marvel. You!

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Students Need To Find Their Back-To-School Hero!

Your expertise can help these children find the resources they need to have a successful school year, and a positive attitude about themselves and their ability to learn. Whether a child needs a new pair of glasses to more accurately see the classroom around them, Vision Therapy to deal with convergence insufficiency, or treatments or solutions to any number of other issues you see every day at your eye care practice, you are there to help. But first, they’ve got to find you!

Get The Word Out With Great Digital Marketing

EyeCarePro is happy to help you get the word out to your community, so that they can find you and get the help they need. Start by downloading our free Back-To-School video. Post on your website and across social media, and let people know that you’re there when they need you most! 


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