Answer the Call with RingAnalytics

Do You Know How Your Phones Are Being Answered?

Are your phones ringing off the hook but your calendar’s still blank?

You’d be surprised at the kinds of things that make a patient stop booking with you and start looking for another practice. RingAnalytics is an artificial intelligence platform that lets you hear, and see for yourself how many calls did or didn’t result in a booked appointment, and WHY.

Diagnose Phone Booking Woes with RingAnalytics

RingAnalytics gives you insights into customer experience hang-ups

Every time your staff answers the phones the calls are routed through the HIPAA-compliant platform. Then, they're recorded and analyzed by the AI to determine patient booking behavior so you know exactly where the gaps in your service are, and how to keep your effectiveness at its peak.

  • Get insights into your staff’s performance
  • Compare the performance of all your practices for maximum efficiency
  • Optimize office resources
  • Miss fewer calls 
  • Book more appointments

Sign up for RingAnalytics and start dialing up your patient appointments today!

The Stats are in—Double-Up and See 24% Increase In Calls

Why the Double Optimizer Bundle Works a Treat for Practices!

Optimizing phone bookings is the key to massive practice growth.

According to a recent study by Healthgrades/Stax, 85% of patients still book appointments over the phone. Additionally, the study found that offices that offered both a phone and online scheduling option saw a 24% increase in phone calls. With so many patients booking over the phone, you can’t afford to mess up this important touchpoint. With RingAnalytics, you always know exactly where you stand in a conversation. 

Ring-Ai Pic

More Booked Appointments, Fewer Missed Connections

RingAnalytics routes all calls to your practice

EyeCarePro’s call manager routes it where they are recorded, transcribed and analyzed for additional appointment booking opportunities.

RingAnalytics gives you the reporting you need to know when call volume is highest, when you’re missing calls, and most importantly, why missed opportunities didn’t book.

Feature Rich Innovations

 With Ring Analytics you can:

  • Playback or read the transcript of any call on the dashboard at any time
  • Keep tabs on missed calls and calls that didn’t result in bookings for fewer lost conversions
  • Identify customer experience missteps or staff training opportunities
  • Strategize ways to increase patient appointment bookings
  • Deep dive and see why one of your businesses may be outperforming another
  • Track call volume throughout the day to find the optimal times to staff the phones
  • Compare month over month appointment bookings and patient calls to track your progress