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Vision Professionals

Located near Columbus, Ohio, Vision Professionals is a four location practice with a singular mission: To provide exceptional eye care that meets a patient’s needs whatever they may be. Under the shrewd leadership of Dr. Chris Smiley, the practice has grown to include not just new locations, but new specialties as well. The goal is to eventually offer every specialty eye care service, making Vision Professionals a one-stop-shop for patients. Dr. Smiley’s business acumen has played a huge role in making his vision of a powerhouse practice a reality, but it’s his overwhelming desire to help patients that drives him onward. “I’ve always liked the idea of being able to do something someone else couldn’t and meet those patients’ needs,'' Dr. Smiley said. Having started with Scleral lens services shortly after opening its doors, Vision Professionals has now added Myopia management, a dry eye clinic and vision therapy to its list of specialty service offerings, with plans to add two more doctors in the near future.


The Problem

Looking at Vision Professionals today, there’s no doubt that the practice is on the rise. Renovations of each building to expand the practice and aggressive patient growth paint a picture of total success. But Vision Professionals wasn’t always like this. Years ago, Vision Professionals was struggling to get new patients in the door to take advantage of their plethora of specialty services. The practice is located in a major metropolitan area and competition is fierce. Dr. Smiley tried setting up his own website to attract patients, but it was too basic and wasn’t getting the visibility he needed. Then he turned to another marketing service, but they were expensive, didn’t offer anything he could use and still required him to write all the marketing content himself. As one might imagine, running a four location practice with many different specialty services is a time consuming job. Dr. Smiley just didn’t have enough hours in the day to work on marketing and maintain the quality of care his patients had come to expect from him. That’s when Dr. Smiley found EyeCarePro.

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The Solution– ODSpecialty to the Rescue!

Dr. Smiley knew exactly what his practice needed to be competitive. Shortly after partnering with EyeCarePro, he expressed interest in our ODSpecialty service. With ODSpecialty, we produced a multitude of specialty focused content for Dr. Smiley’s websites, social media and various other channels. We handled all of his marketing so he could devote his entire focus to providing the perfect patient experience. But we didn’t stop there. We helped him build a referral network of eye care professionals, getting Dr. Smiley closer than ever before to turning Vision Professionals into a practice capable of servicing every eye care need and growing his own patient base. We overhauled his websites, giving them a mobile-first focus and drastically improving his SEO. 

Our reputation management service helped him capture an overwhelming number of five star Google reviews, boosting his page to the top of search results and enticing countless patients to choose him over the competition. But what Dr. Smiley appreciated most of all was the attentive one on one help EyeCarePro offered in the form of a personal veteran marketing expert. “I like the monthly phone call,” Smiley said. “It creates constant accountability, and that’s by far the best thing about working with EyeCarePro.”


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By the Numbers

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Money Well Spent Earned

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“I never really have a problem spending money on marketing if I’m going to get a return on that investment.” – Dr. Chris Smiley

In April of 2017, Vision Professionals started using our ODSpecialty Service. In just one short month they were starting to see improvements across the board. Web traffic almost tripled from 353 visitors to 914 visitors. Online new patient bookings more than tripled, rising from five patients to 16 patients, and then increasing a further 168 percent in the following month up to 43 patients. Estimated monthly revenue from web driven new patients jumped from just $1,500 to $4,800, and then almost tripled the following month at $12,900. Gushing Google reviews started pouring in. At the time of this writing, Vision Professionals has hundreds of five star reviews, with its Worthington and Sunbury locations currently receiving unbelievably rare perfect five star overall ratings on their Google My Business pages, and their other two locations receiving equally impressive 4.9 overall ratings.

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In the end, visibility was the biggest obstacle Dr. Smiley faced. Once it was removed, nothing could hold him back. With help from EyeCarePro’s ODSpecialty service, Vision Professionals was able to smash the competition in a major metropolitan area. As Dr. Smiley himself remarked, he’d tried all sorts of marketing before partnering with us, and it hadn’t even come close to the results he saw with ODSpecialty. 

At the end of 2020, Vision Professionals had an estimated average monthly revenue from online driven new patients alone of $29,950 – And that was during a year where most practices saw huge losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, Dr. Smiley acknowledged that 2020 was one of his best years ever for patient bookings and revenue, something he credits to EyeCarePro. At an initial cost of $750 per month, plus an added $50 for each additional location, ODSpecialty became a service that paid for itself, and then some.

A Vision of Success

The Vision Professionals of today is a far cry from where it was four years ago. Thanks to ODSpecialty, Dr. Smiley has enjoyed unprecedented growth. The constant stream of updated specialty web content and a hefty hoard of five star Google reviews has increased average monthly traffic to all of Vision Professional’s sites by over 174 percent. Patients are now pouring into the practice with average online new patient monthly bookings rising by over 200 percent. Dr. Smiley claims that on average, over 30 percent of his monthly appointments are now new patients, indicating strong, continuous growth. But it’s not just the volume of patients that has increased, it’s the quality too. Dr. Smiley says the new patients flocking to his practice aren’t just deal chasers moving from one practice to the next depending on the latest Groupon specials. These patients came for the content and excellent reviews, but they stick around for the excellent care they receive.

In the end, ODSpecialty has allowed Dr. Smiley to engage with his patients in a way he’d struggled to for years before turning to EyeCarePro. “We’re not only getting patients because of our website, we’re getting them because they’re reading our Google Reviews,” Smiley said. “And that’s happening everyday – Everyday a new patient comes in and says ‘I picked you’ because of that.”

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