A Curious Marketing Tale of a New Dry Eye Product

2020 was a time of huge technological advancement...

Cars were just starting to drive themselves, Rubik’s cubes were solved by one-handed robots, and pillows prevented their owners from snoring. But it was profoundly anxiety-ridden, with an uncertain future. Climate change continued to wreak havoc on the ecosystem, and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping across the globe.

And then there was the chronic problem of poor eye lubrication.


As a Dry Eye sufferer himself, Dr. Randy Peters was determined to alleviate the symptoms of Dry Eye once and for all.

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See The Strength of A Dry Eye Tale

A Powerful Dry Eye Story, By Dr. Peters

Dr. Randy Peters’ dry eye symptoms originally stemmed from lagophthalmos. His condition was further exacerbated by Lasik surgery at the tender age of twenty-six. 

“That’s when things really went off the rails,” our hero recalled. “Any time you disturb the surface of the cornea, you could be left with chronic dry eye.”

“It’s become a monster over time. It is by far the number one ocular disorder in the U.S. by leaps and bounds,” explained Dr. Peters. “It’s a small percentage”—of the estimated 16 million Americans“that has it that are truly miserable but those who are will tell you they can only think about their eyes all day long.”


Dr. Peters was determined to fight this monster to its dry and painful end.

Instead of submitting to the misery that his condition brought on, Dr. Peters was determined to fight this monster to its dry and painful end. He set out on a mission to create a revolutionary treatment. Typically, in-office treatments can be cost-prohibitive for patients to utilize with any real frequency, which is why he sought a product that could be used from home. 

Working together with his engineer son and another engineer based in Palo Alto, California, he came up with an early prototype of something new and exciting…tranquilvibes!

Enter Tranquilvibes for Dry Eye

"I hypothesized that if we were able to add vibration to the heat goggles currently available on the market, the result may be more facilitation of the glands expressing the oil, but also a much more evenly distributed tear film. The result could be immediate, clear, and comfortable vision upon removing the goggles.

I was fortunate enough to meet Suzanne Paulson, founder and CEO of Eye Eco, who had developed creative solutions for dry eye patients using natural treatments. By offering an in-home treatment, combining heat and vibration, we create a healthier tear layer, which provides a more comfortable, relaxing and clearer visual experience when the tranquilvibes™ goggles are removed.

It is my passion to help others who suffer with dry eye symptoms, and partnering with Eye Eco has allowed an idea to evolve from my imagination into a viable product which has the potential to help millions of people with dry eye, as well as change the landscape of dry eye treatment."


He combined heat and vibration to create a healthier tear layer.


But one issue still remained...

And so, in 2020, the tale of Dr. Peter’s superhero efforts culminated in an astonishing product that, while not solving climate change issues or creating a corona vaccine, would at least give humanity the dignity of clear, pain-free eyesight to continue to innovate, and perhaps destroy the world in the process 🙂 

But one issue still remained...how to reach the millions of suffering humans who so desperately seek this healing, convenient treatment?

The EyeCarePro


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Join us next week for Part 2: A behind-the-scenes look at the marketing techniques we used which enabled Dr. Peters to spread the word on his revolutionary product, tranquilvibes, with our unique marketing strategies.

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