A Dry Eye Marketing Saga Concludes

One issue still remained...how to reach the millions of suffering
humans, who so desperately seek convenient healing for Dry Eye treatment?



In last week’s story, we discovered how Dr. Randy Peters...

fought the Dry Eye monster by innovating his revolutionary product, tranquilvibes. (Catch up on last week’s story here.) This week, we’ll explore how EyeCarePro came to the rescue and guided Dr. Peters to spread the news to the public, resulting in increased dry eye appointments and positive patient reviews.

The Monthly Marketing Manager Call

It was a wet and rainy day.

The leaves on the trees drooped with the weight of raindrops, the ground shivered, and everything was soaking wet. There was not a dry thing in sight on this particular day, and if it was up to Dr. Randy Peters, an optometrist in Bryan, Ohio, there would never be a “Dry ‘thing’ in Sight”, again. (Pun definitely intended.)


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After months of hard work, research and networking...

Dr. Peters had created his dream product—tranquilvibes. A solution to the Dry Eye symptoms he’d experienced for years, tranquilvibes allows users to get relief from the agony of Dry Eye, all from the comfort of their home. But aside from telling his regular patients about it, Dr. Peters wasn’t having much luck marketing his revolutionary product to the rest of the world. This caused him to fear for the fate of humanity. 


It was two hours before his first-ever call

with Alex from EyeCarePro, and Dr. Peters was worried. After pacing the floor incessantly, Dr. Peters was exhausted. The clock finally struck 2:30 PM, and the phone rang at the exact same moment. Dr. Peters sprang for the phone.

“Hi, Dr. Randy, I’m Alex, your new Marketing Manager from EyeCarePro. ”Alex’s warm, friendly voice came down the line. “How are you doing?”

After all that pacing, Dr. Peters could barely speak. Somehow, he managed to convey his concern for the good people of planet Earth, and more importantly, his fear that 2020 would be perhaps remembered as the worst year in history, and not just because of COVID-19. As an EyeCarePro veteran Marketing Manager, Alex was not alarmed. He listened patiently, took notes and asked questions. Then, he reassured Dr. Peters that he and his miracle team at EyeCarePro would take care of everything. And so the work began.


Alex Schiro- Marketing Manager to the Rescue

Marketing a A New Dry EyeProduct

“First,”  Alex explained, “we’re going to update your website. It’s really important that your homepage looks good so that potential patients know exactly who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you”.

“Next,” Alex continued, “we recommend that you talk about some of the incredible things you do behind the scenes—your practice does a vast amount of charity work, and it’s important to let people know that.” He told Dr. Peters that his team would create a page rich with content, images and information describing Peters Family Eyecare’s charity work. This would, of course, give humanity hope. 🙂

“And now, let’s plan how to promote your Dry Eye Solutions.” 

Alex made a note to his team to update the existing Dry Eye page, giving it a complete overhaul and ensuring that tranquilvibes was properly represented on the site. He knew it was important to market the product wisely, yet he understood that Dr. Peters was unsure how to go about it.


“First,”  Alex explained, “we’re going to update your website. It’s really important that your homepage looks good so that potential patients know exactly who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you”.

The EyeCarePro Tried & Tested

Marketing Strategy That Works


“Don’t worry, “ Alex reassured Dr. Peters, “Here at EyeCarePro, we understand Optometry, and we know how to market it.” He proceeded to explain that one of the ideal ways to promote dry eye, especially with a new piece of technology, would be to call the local newspaper and get a write-up on it. 

“This does two things,” Alex pointed out. ”Promoting your technology is a great asset to the newspaper for reader interest. But more important than the average reader, it lets other ODs and practitioners in the area get exposure to the new technology”.

While writing the story on their own was an option, Alex recommended that Dr. Peters have the paper write it up themselves for better results.  Not only do they hire experienced writers, newspapers ensure their own voice is promoted and highly-read articles are, of course, how they make money.

“The best part is, your story is especially newsworthy during COVID-19, as those who are stuck at home are unable to access their in-office dry eye treatments and need an alternate solution,” Alex explained. 

With the assistance of Alex and the EyeCarePro team, Dr. Peters took the plunge and got to work on getting the good news published. 

Networking with the local paper, the Bryan Times, the practice was able to get the paper to do a write-up. Once the piece was published, numerous patients were eager to give positive feedback. They loved seeing their favorite optometrist in the paper, and the dry eye leads started to pour in. 


“The best part is, your story is especially newsworthy during COVID-19, as those who are stuck at home are unable to access their in-office dry eye treatments and need an alternate solution.”

The Bottom Line:

Results, Results, Results


In his first monthly call alone, Alex was able to demonstrate EyeCarePro’s ability at its finest—using strategic marketing techniques, coupled with optometry know-how and a bit of audacity to generate numerous new Dry Eye patient appointments for a local practice. The results? Tranquilvibes continues to grow along with Dr. Peter’s Dry Eye practice. The world of Dry Eye solutions would never be the same.

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