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As our series on the Top Ten Essentials You Need for a Powerful Online Presence, we’ve recently had a lot to say about the importance of speedy sites, especially for mobile. With over 50% of optometry website visits coming from mobile devices, it’s essential to examine how your website looks and feels on mobile.

Beyond compressing images for better speed, there are some basic essentials for an effective mobile site, which is conducive to booking new patient appointments.

Be Mobile Responsive

Your hero image of those beautiful new Gucci’s might look fantastic on your computer. But if all you see is the model’s nose on your smartphone, it no longer says, “fashion”, it says “unprofessional”.

A mobile responsive site is designed and coded to present the same content in the best way possible for the device being used. Achieving mobile responsiveness requires some nifty web skills, so we suggest talking to a professional. At EyeCarePro, we’ve been consistently improving our mobile responsivity for beautiful, engaging optometry websites that look great on any device.

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Accommodate Large Fingers

A mobile optometry website needs to be dead simple to navigate on a small screen with potentially large fingers. Make sure it clearly indicates who you are, where you are, and how to reach you in as few steps as possible.

Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Phone numbers should always be clickable links which immediately trigger a call on the user’s mobile device
  • Appointment forms need to be easy to read and, more importantly, easy to fill out. Limit how many fields are required to just the bare minimum.
  • Simplify the menu. Too many options quickly overwhelm a mobile user’s screen
  • Use larger buttons to avoid user’s accidentally missing or pressing the wrong one. You want to avoid user frustration as much as possible
  • Ensure readability with a larger font size for the most pertinent information

Test and Tweak, Test and Tweak

This may seem like a no-brainer, but websites aren’t—or at least should NOT be—static. It’s an ongoing process of adding new content and updating the look and feel. Every update you make can potentially change the mobile experience in drastic ways. Regularly test how your website looks and feels on mobile and put yourself in the shoes of a potential new patient looking for an eye exam on his or her phone. A mobile site that sells your practice well and makes it easy to book is definitely going to improve your bottom line.

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At EyeCarePro, we make SEO optimized and beautifully designed websites, providing comprehensive optometry marketing strategy and implementation. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form and schedule a call with us. An optometry marketing expert will be happy to discuss a Mobile Website that will work best for your online presence.

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