Millennial Marketing for Optometrists

Born between ‘81 and ‘95, there’s 72.1 million Millennials in the US, and, in 2020, they’re projected to spend $1.4 Trillion. That’s some serious buying power! 


Growing your practice with Millennial patients

It’s essential for you to focus on the growth of your practice, and with a good optometry marketing strategy, you can capture the attention of all sorts of patients, ranging from Baby Boomers, specialty patients, and of course, Millennial patients. In this article, we dive deep into some tips for improving your eye care marketing strategy for Millennials. We’ll discuss some of the best ways to bring them into your eye care practice and increase optical purchases.

Millenials Generations

Millennials are a fun and exciting demographic to target, as long as we market to them, and not at them. So let’s begin by taking a deeper look at what raises a Millennial’s on-fleek eyebrows.

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Why Target Millennial Patients in your Optometric Marketing?

When you think about who a Millennial is, many people jump immediately to “super young person”, which was true...10 years ago. They are now launching careers and starting families. And families with young kids are golden for most optometry practices. But if you want to engage them, you first need to understand them. 

Millennials came of age at the same time as the internet itself. These digital natives are highly-educated (34% have college degrees), savvy, and fully-immersed in technology...the convenience and ease of which is more or less an expectation with this demographic. You'll absolutely need a real-time scheduler on your site if you want them to book an appointment with you!

Tips to Improve your Optometry Marketing to Millennials

Make sure your practice website is accessible

Images Inline Phones Masks

9 out of 10 Millennials use a smartphone...all the time...and that means they want to be able to access everything with the swipe of a thumb. 

A practice website that isn’t mobile-friendly just won’t fly—they’ll bounce off faster than you can say Beyonce. Make sure that everything a patient would need to know about your practice is featured in a simple, easy-to-find format on your website that loads quickly, looks good, and is intuitive. If booking an appointment can’t be done in the middle of the night, without talking to someone, then it won’t be done at all.

Build Brand Consistency and Authenticity for your Practice

Images Inline Brand Trust

According to Hubspot, only 29% of Millennials will interact repeatedly with the same brand...unless that brand is well developed. That means you need to consistently innovate to attract and retain millennial patients. And you’re more likely to do so if you remain consistent and authentic in the content that you produce. 90% of Millennials take authenticity into consideration when choosing a brand, and 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising. So those paper mailers or newspaper ads are wasted on these paper-hating technophiles.

A huge part of your authenticity is how you’re represented (online, obviously)—testimonials, influencer marketing, word of mouth can all be very effective. But the single most effective way to convert Millennial website traffic into appointments are your Google Reviews—always! It all comes down to social proof that others genuinely like and recommend your practice. This increases the authenticity factor, as the more people like who you are and the content you create, the more likely they are to share it with friends, increasing your brand awareness even further. Social proof is a Millennial’s language, as it helps you to speak to them through others' recommendations, without throwing cliche marketing phrases at them. Additionally, 91% of Millennials make their purchase decisions based on recommendations from friends, so take that into account when considering your Google Reviews Strategy. With a strong Google Reviews strategy, your practice will practically be whispering into a Millennials ear: “others love this optometrist; you probably will, too.”

91% of Millennials make their purchase decisions based on their friends recommendations

Social Media for Your Optometry Practice Matters!

Google Reviews aren’t the only thing that Millennials pay attention to, though. The more often and effectively that a brand uses social media, the more likely it will resonate with a Millennial audience. But how should you be using social media? According to Forbes, 62% of Millennials say that they are more likely to become a customer if that brand interacts and engages with them personally on social media. So even though it can seem daunting, the time and effort invested into social media can result in a huge payoff for targeting and engaging with millennials. (Check out our free Optometrist's Guide to Instagram E-Book!)

As we’ve discussed before, social media is not just about announcing what you do, it’s about building relationships. Millennials value interpersonal relationships, they like being spoken to, and again, the more genuine you are with them, the more they will appreciate it, and the more likely they are to become your customer. A good way to get started on interacting with millennials is by creating user-generated content.

User-generated content is important, as millennials find that it is 35% more memorable than other media.

UGC or User Generated Content

Because the obvious location to attract millennials is where they spend most of their time, social media is a great place to start. However, social media feeds are often bombarded with ads, so your best bet to get a Millennial to stop scrolling is if they see something interesting that their friend or family member posted. “Charli is skiing in the Alps? Like!” But how about this: “Charli is skiing in the Alps...and loves @yourpractice’s new frames they just bought?” Double Like!

A great way to create user-generated content is by figuring out who your number one fans are. The parents that bring all their children in for an exam on one day, and are always returning to pick up repaired frames, pleased with your efficient service? The college kids that are so thankful you showed them how to insert lenses properly, or the lawyer who can’t believe what your dry eye treatments have done to his eyes? Ask them to mention you to their friends and family, and get their permission to share their photo on your social media. Of course, tag them so they can reshare it easily!

Create a referral program if you don’t already have one, where you give incentives to every patient that brings new ones through the door. You can also find influencers on social media who are already communicating with your local target audience- reach out to them and see if they are willing to share an offer with their network. 

Become the Expert Optometrist with Inbound Marketing

Millennials enjoy the journey almost as much, if not more than the destination. They tend to research a lot of their decisions and therefore consume a lot of content. The more content you produce on your area of expertise, the more likely they are to support your business. Consider starting a blog on your practice website, where you discuss interesting and informative topics relevant to your practice and your patient’s needs. 

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E-Books, how-to-videos, podcasts, and whitepapers are other forms of content that Millennials enjoy consuming. Not only does extensive, well-written content help you to become the thought leader in your profession, which Millennials crave, but writing effective, SEO friendly content [insert SEO link] will also make your eye care practice website easier to find on Google, as it will drastically improve your rankings. 

Of course, you absolutely should promote your content on social media, and you can even create informative content on your social platforms alone, such as daily posts, and videos, as well as sharing interesting articles.

Millennials don’t just look for companies who educate and speak with them, they also love when companies take a stand on social, environmental, or humanitarian issues that resonate with them.

Genuinely be Genuine

Be an Optometry Practice that Gives back

Millennials love when a company that they support with their purchase, supports another organization in exchange. If your practice is involved with a local charity or non-profit, you’re more likely to attract the 75% of Millennials who want companies to use their profits to give back to society. Warby Parker is the obvious example in the eye care world, dominating the frames market with their philosophy that “For every single pair purchased, they donate one to someone in need of glasses.” If you don’t already have a giving-back initiative, now is a good time to brainstorm some ways to give back, and it doesn’t even have to cost money.

Your staff can offer their time and take a day each month to volunteer for a local cause, you can give free eye exams to an underprivileged demographic a few times a year...there’s a lot you can do, but whatever you choose, make sure to spread the word! Giving back is a crucial aspect of your millennial marketing strategy, and besides, what goes around, comes around.

Millennials will see right through you if you are anything but authentic, so as you take your practice through each step of marketing towards this lovely, intelligent, and information-hungry group, make sure you keep true to who you really are. The more authentic and true you are in your marketing, the more your message will resonate with the Millennial patient demographic.


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