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And You Are The Eye Care Specialist

Now Bring in Patients With ODSpecialty

Let's face it. It's become harder and harder for most ODs to depend on optical sales to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to generating revenue. This pressure, combined with the goal of helping more patients in truly profound ways, is why you've chosen to focus on medical services such as:

Medical Focused Practices or
Sports Vision Focused
• Vision Therapy/Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
• OrthoK/Myopia Control
• Scleral Lenses and Custom Contacts
• Dry Eye
• Low Vision*

  * full content package restricted to members of IALVS
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Drive new optometric specialty patient appointments with...

An engaging & informative specialty website

What Exactly Is ODSpecialty?

A Robust & Content-Driven Marketing Program

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We Leverage the Power of Video

The goal of ODSpecialty is to leverage the power of your website to boost your online presence with well-researched and authoritative content. We turn your website into an in-depth resource which engages and educates visitors while positioning YOU as the local expert.

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A Fine-tuned SEO Strategy

Not so many people search for "vision therapy" or "scleral lenses", but they do search for "vision problems after a concussion" and "contact lenses for keratoconus". We fine-tune our content for each applicable patient type for each speciality you offer.

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Priority Patient Building

If you offer vision therapy or myopia management, being the pediatric practice in your area is a top priority. If you have a Dry Eye practice, targeting women aged 40-60 is the priority. We develop the patient base that will grow your speciality practice.

ODSpecialty is Proven To

Get You Results (New Patients)

We Make you the Local Expert

We Leverage the Power of your Website

We boost your online presence with well-researched and authoritative content. We turn your website into an in-depth resource for each and every specialty you offer. The information is engaging and educates visitors while positioning YOU as the local expert with a wide range of interesting and informative content that provides a valuable resource to your visitors.

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You don't have to explain anything! We are...

Subject-Matter Experts in Optometric Specialties

With ODSpecialty, you will be paired with an expert Marketing Manager, who has trained specifically on the ins and outs of marketing your specialty service/s. From visual problems occurring post-TBI to scleral lenses for keratoconus or athletes, we understand exactly what it is you do and who can possibly benefit from your expertise. This allows us to reach the widest audience of potential new patients, parents, and referring professionals possible.

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Expanding your Audience

Expanding Patients' Travel Radius

In most urban areas, no one will travel all that far for a regular eye exam. But for specialty services, you can cast a wider net to capture a broader audience. Depending on the number and proximity of competitors, focus on surrounding cities that patients might conceivably reach you from rather than simply local neighborhoods. In our experience, someone with Keratoconus, severe dry eye or a brain injury will travel a long distance for effective treatment with a doctor they see as an expert.

Take a BIG Step Beyond with...

Referral-Building Guidance From Eye Care Marketing Experts

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Building your practice with referrals

A strong referral network brings in more specialty patients. Our specialty marketing experts will guide you to create effective strategies for connecting with local medical and non-medical professionals alike, so you can establish your expertise within a wider interdisciplinary approach to the best patient care.

Reaching the right professionals

Vision Therapy
School nurses
School districts
Developmental psychologists

Sports Vision
High school coaches
Minor league coaches
College coaches
Junior leagues
Sports camps

Neuro Visual Rehabilitation
Physical therapists
Occupational therapists
Lyme disease specialists
Law enforcement

Dry Eye

Specialty Contact Lenses (scleral/ortho-k)
Corneal specialists
Pediatricians (Myopia management)
School nurses
Athletic programs

Low Vision
(only available to members of the IALVS)

Retinal specialists
Low vision organizations
Elderly care centers and organizations

Eye doctor and business person

So How Much is...

A Service Like This?

Priced at $750/month (and $50/additional locations) ODSpecialty is a supercharged marketing package with a very clear measurable goal, sustained new patient specialty appointments.

On average our specialty client is getting anywhere from 25-30 new patients a month. That makes this expenditure a walk in the park, a piece of cake, nearly non-existent.

And if you feel like your optical also needs just as much focus, then try our combo package.

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