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Advanced Sports Vision Marketing

Does your practice offer sports vision training?

Or, are you considering including it as part of your neuro-optometry lineup of services? We’re not surprised! At EyeCarePro, we’ve been at the forefront of this rapidly developing optometric specialty. And our Sports Vision Track within ODSpecialty is equally advanced and effective.

Our proven content-driven approach that has been so successful for Vision Therapy/Neuro-Optometry and other optometric specialties it is equally powerful for sports vision. 

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ODSpecialty for Sports Vision

Your Website—We Make You The Local Expert

You need a wide range of authoritative yet accessible website content to come up first and foremost for Google searches related to sports performance in your area. Whether it’s a parent searching for ways their aspiring child can improve, to a coach frustrated by an otherwise great player struggling with specific plays or moves, our SEO-optimized sports vision content will get your website noticed!

Once trainers, athletes, coaches, or parents find you online, they click onto your website, which will be elegant, informative, and inviting to the sports-oriented site visitor. More than looking great and working great—which it will!—your website will teach visitors the primary role functional vision plays in sports performance—the very difference between a great and an exceptional player! Simultaneously, you’ll educate and engage, while building trust in your niche expertise.

Besides a Great Website, What Do I Get With This

Sports Vision Marketing Program?

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Pairing You with a Sports Vision Marketer

All our optometry marketing products include monthly consultation with a dedicated Marketing Manager, and our Sports Vision component of ODSpeciality is no exception., You’ll be paired with an experienced marketer who is already deeply familiar with sports, neuro-optometry, and the melding of the two.


Social Media and Email Campaigns

On the Sports Vision track, you’ll benefit from integrated email and social media campaigns focused on the sports training services and initiatives you want to get out there. After planning these with your Marketing Manager, we’ll handle everything from design and launch.


In-Depth & Sport Specific Content

Our content is geared toward every sport you work in and explains how the required skills and plays depend on functional vision including; eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, color contrast and convergence and tracking. All topics are delivered in a way that is accessible and engaging to players, coaches, and parents.


100% Contract Free

How Much is This Service?

Is ODSpecialty for Sports Vision More Expensive?

No! All ODSpecialty clients get as many or as few of the offered specialties included at the same rate of $750/month.

There are some exciting discounts available for NORA and ISVA members.

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Yes, I’m ready for sports vision patient growth!

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