ODMetro: Our “Cadillac” Tier Optometry Marketing Service

Be the Face of Eye Care in Your City

As the “Cadillac” tier of service at EyeCarePro we deliver the greatest value and growth returns. It’s not an entry-level service but designed specifically for practices that are serious about ambitious growth.

With ODMetro, you benefit from:

  1. The BEST Continuous Content Updates
  2. The BEST Branding and Custom Design
  3. The MOST Personal Attention
  4. The MOST Advanced SEO backlinking and strategies

If you’re ready for ODMetro, then you’re ready for...

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With ODMetro You Can Count On

Total Market Domination

Whether you are a high-power optometry practice or a specialized ophthalmology clinic, ODMetro is all about being the premiere practice in whatever eye care service or product area matters to you, even in high-competition urban environments.

If someone searches for any optometric or ophthalmological service or need, we strive to make sure no one ranks better than you do in your city. It’s SEO for eye care at its finest, including:

  • general eye care
  • advanced optometric services or medical specialties
  • surgical or focused ophthalmological services
  • Designer brands and optical searches
  • Or, anything else in eye care that matters to you

Furthermore, you get optimization for up to three locations at no additional charge.

What it Means to Have

Concierge-level Marketing Service

Personalized Content & Design

The more customized and unique your content and design are, the more of an impact it has. With ODMetro, you get the best optometric or ophthalmological content and design possible, delivered with our highest level of personal attention and customization. You will be paired with a marketing strategist at the top of his or her game, who will act as your go-to consultant, planner, and doer-of-all-things related to marketing your practice.

Advanced Backlinking and Youtube SEO

New backlinks will be built from high domain authority sites to your website on a consistent basis, to improve and maintain your SEO and dominate Google searches. YouTube channel SEO is brought to a whole new level.

example: beautiful eye care website

Also Get High-Performing

Persuasive Branded Marketing