ODCapture: Where Beauty and Optometry Marketing Meet

Are you serious about developing your brand and growing your optometry practice?

ODCapture takes your practice marketing up a notch by combining advanced content with beauty, branding, and SEO

Are you serious about...

  • Accelerated new patient growth?
  • Increasing your capture rate?
  • Earning higher revenues per optical purchase?

ODCapture is an advanced marketing package for any practice—big or small!—that wants to seriously increase their marketing results while still being cost-savvy.

ODCapture delivers personalized branding and exceptional design, combined with top-tier content and advanced SEO. The result? A distinct, powerful online presence that's all you.

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ODCapture: Enhanced Marketing for General Optometry

With ODCapture, you can expect the following for your practice:

  • Maximized new patient appointment numbers
  • Increased capture rate and revenues per optical sale
  • An impressively elegant and beautiful website
  • Improved and enhanced brand development
  • Stronger vendor representation
  • Enhanced social media presence

So, What Does it Take To Drive Sales Besides

A Beautifully Designed, Persuasive Website?

What's Special About ODCapture?

ODCapture combines beautiful, branded, and personalized design with a rich content strategy for impressive results. You can expect:

  • A personalized, beautiful, and mobile-first website
  • strategic landing pages, promoting the brands and products you sell with visual dynamism
  • Extensive branding
  • Professional photography services to really personalize your website and make it your own!
  • Advanced social media strategy
  • Guidance and staff training for improving capture rates and revenue from sales
  • Bespoke monthly marketing consultation and planning with a dedicated expert
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In-practice Photo Shoot

Your brand authenticity and personalized website need beautiful photos of your staff, practice, optical products. That's why ODCapture includes a complimentary photo shoot to get your practice brand out there for the world to see.

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Advanced SEO for Optometric & Optical Searches

ODCapture expedites your marketing with a unique content and branding strategy so your practice can dominate local Google searches for the breadth of general eye care, contact lenses, and the frame lines you want the world to know about.

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Optomety

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ODCapture Helps You Bring Your Beautiful Brand into the Social Media Landscape

The best marketing strategy for your practice is to be seen everywhere your potential patients live online. That's why ODCapture includes a rigorous social media strategy to share your brand and your message effectively throughout your community.

We work with your practice to help you expand your social media presence in a more impactful way on Facebook and Instagram. Plus we combine this with exceptional seasonal campaigns for the brands you want to show off to the world.

Is ODCapture Right For Me?

Just about any practice that sells optical is the right practice, regardless of whether it’s a brand new practice or an established multi-location powerhouse. The kind of optical doesn’t matter—high-end, independent, or bargain-basement lines are all properly promoted in line with your brand. All said and done, dominating local searches and presenting a beautifully crafted brand and website, is a guaranteed recipe for phenomenal growth.

You get all this and more with ODCapture, with quantifiable and measurable growth in new patient appointment numbers. Priced at $750/month ($50/additional location).

ODCapture is a super-charged optometry and optical marketing package with a very clear measurable goal sustained new patients and growth in optical sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Practices Searching for Optometry Marketing


Q: Why would I need a marketing agency to do my marketing?

  • A: We know as an OD your focus is being a great eye doctor. So if you hired one marketing employee to grow your optometry marketing, your time is free to do what you love- practice! EyeCarePro's ODCapture marketing package includes an optometry website and a dedicated Marketing Manager, the equivalent of your own in-house marketing employee.

Q: Why should I choose you over your competitor?

  • A: We never bad-mouth anyone. And we don’t have to. We’re the only marketing agency exclusively focused on optometry; not only do we have an optometrist on staff, but we have also been living and breathing optometry for the past 15 years.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term marketing contract?

  • A: No! We have never made anyone sign anything, ever. We know we're good at marketing for eye doctors, and we are willing to prove it, month over month over month. Hate it? Just cancel, and you’re out. It’s that simple.

Q: What kind of website do I get?

  • A: You will receive an optometry website, chosen from our selection of exceptionally designed mobile-first templates combined with top-tier eye care content and SEO, all optimized to generate new patients for your practice.