High-Performance Google PPC Campaigns Optomized for Optometry

For marketing clients who choose to expand their marketing into paid advertising.

We have PPC strategies that work.

Have you ever seen those sponsored search results at the top of a search? Those are Google Ads and they’re a powerful complement to your Practice SEO for generating new patient appointments.

PPC—which stands for pay-per-click— campaigns through Google Ads are a great way to directly boost new patient appointments and give you an extra competitive edge.

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A Strong Compliment to SEO

SEO is all about giving your practice the online tools to outperform the competition on local searches in the long term. Google Ads are a way for your practice website to be seen, clicked on, and that generates appointments over and above your organic rankings.

These campaigns place your practice’s sponsored search results above, beside, and below the existing organic search results, allowing customers that are in competitive environments to buy their way to the top of the results.

Starting at just $250 per month*

How Our Optometry PPC Campaigns Work

We bid on the optometry and optical terms that people in your area are searching for and deliver a strong ROI

When those searches are made, if a sponsored “search result” appears, it can drive traffic to a dedicated PPC landing page we set up for you, which quickly gives the rundown on who you are, what you offer, and how to book an appointment.

*client covers the Google Ads monthly spend

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Maximizing conversions, minimizing costs

By constantly optimizing the campaigns, we continuously perfect the bids and search terms that successfully drive the greatest volume of relevant traffic at the lowest cost. By attracting the right audience, we keep the bounce rate low and the click-through-rate high. Google rewards this by lowering the cost-per-click (CPC) you have to bid on a given search term. The result? Over time, you end up paying less to have more potential patients to visit your website and book appointments.


How Many Additional

New Patient Appointments Per Month Can I Expect?

Expanded Reach, More New Patient Appointments

ODPPC is designed to bring additional new patients through the door. How effective these campaigns are depends upon several factors, including:

  • Population density and demographics
  • Amount of competition and competitors running ads already
  • Whether you provide the services, products or insurance plans people are searching for
  • Average organic ranking and number of Google reviews on your GMB
  • How large your Google budget is

Depending on the media budget, our clients average between 6-8 additional new patient appointments per month once the campaign has been optimized—a  process that takes 2-3 months on average. As we optimize these campaigns, we are able to progressively fine-tune the effectiveness of the campaign while simultaneously decreasing the total media cost of getting these conversions. This means that you are spending less to get higher quality conversions month over month. Typically, a new patient will cost $25-$60 depending on the local bid prices. With the revenue of each appointment valued at $300 per patient, that’s a great return on investment.

PPC for Eye Care Marketing

Is It An Alternative to SEO? ...No!

Generally, practices with weak SEO don’t get the gains we want to see to justify the cost of running paid ads. Google tends to reward excellence and works synergistically between all the parts. Improving one aspect of your online presence will often improve others.

However, once you do have a strong SEO presence generally, Google Ads can be a fantastic way to show up even for the few terms you’re struggling to rank for organically or to target specific topics or campaigns. Generally, when you run PPC campaigns, your organic performance will improve as people are simply seeing your name more often. Even those who don’t usually click on ads are psychologically more inclined to click on your organic search results if they saw your name already in a sponsored search result.

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