Video Telehealth for Optometry

EyeCarePro has always been committed to innovating new ways to better serve our optometry practices.

That’s why during the height of the pandemic, we created a video telehealth tool that is designed exclusively for optometrists. 

Even though pandemic lockdowns have lifted in most places, the world COVID-19 has created is vastly different from the world we knew. After experiencing telehealth, there are many patients hesitant to give up the safety and convenience of talking to their trusted eye care professionals outside the office. 

Medical video consultation software is in even higher demand now than it was before. Our TeleHealth tool fulfills the new needs of optometry practices in the wake of the pandemic by providing a seamless telehealth experience that’s easy to use and 100% HIPAA compliant. 

Don’t let reluctance to visit the office keep you from connecting with your patients. Add this feature to your suite of efficiency tools today.