Going the Extra Mile
For a Successful Event or Trunk Show

We already wrote about the Three Essentials for Planning a Successful Trunk Show or Event. Now, we want to dive right into the things that make an event attractive, fun, memorable, and ultimately, successful even after it’s finished. Beyond the revenues earned from a single event, the impression you leave in the minds of people in your community is also the essence of practice branding.


Choose a Theme

It’s easy to  create bland and unimagined trunk shows or events...with results that are usually equally mediocre. But that’s not to say you have to go over the top. Choosing a simple theme can go a long way to making your show or event a hit.

A theme or ambiance will help both attract the target audience and keep them engaged and impressed during and after the event. It’s also a chance for the guests—and the hosts—to have some fun.

For example, a black-tie wine and cheese event can set a formal but fun tone for an exclusive event. On a totally different wavelength, a fun-in-the-sun event can be just the right thing to show off the latest sunglasses. Have staff come to work in beach clothes and ask visitors to do the same. If you’re a more do-it-all-the-way type of practice, you can take a page out of the book of one of our practices who went so far as to bring in artificial sand with a mini-volleyball court set up right outside the practice.

Encourage your vendor to play along too. He or she is the center of attention and should try to actively engage as many visitors as possible.

Another phenomenal example of a well-planned theme for a trunk show was a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” event to promote Tiffany CO eyewear. It was an elegant-dress yet fun daytime event, that involved music and dance. The event itself was a major success and created a real community buzz. A video of the doctor and staff dancing at the event went viral on FB and created thousands of likes and shares. (Learn more about FB buzz here)

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Food, Decor, & Ambiance

The right decor goes hand-in-hand with your choice of theme. It also helps attract interest from passersby. Balloons, banners, and themed decorations can go along way to putting attendees into the “mood” of the event, and into the mood of buying as well. Live or recorded music, and focused props for your theme can be a real plus, too. It comes down to your target demographic and the theme you’ve chosen. Covering up unrelated merchandise can also be appropriate when planning an event focused on a specific vendor.

Food and drink are also strongly recommended. You can match the choices to the time of year and day, as well as to the theme. This can help entice people to come by when you promote the event, as well as attracting the interest of anyone around. For example, a sandwich board can be a real draw for a daytime event. miniature hoeur d'oeuvres or petit fours accompanied by shot-glasses of liquor might be the right choice for an evening exclusive event aimed at big spenders. Regardless of what you serve, refreshments put people at ease and make it less “just about the money”. A bit of wine or the like also helps liberalize people’s decision to purchase too.

Planning and Promoting Help

Want your planning to go to good use? Stay tuned for our next installment, where we will cover how to best promote your event. 

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