A Post is Worth 1,000 Patients: Making an Impression with Social Media

Navigating the complexities of social media can be a real drag. If your practice has limited resources, finding the right content formula and keeping up with multiple platforms may seem like an impossible task. Not surprisingly, many ODs don’t see the patient engagement they’d like. But Dr. Alicia Harrison of Laguna Eyes Optometry is the exception. She has social all figured out, and today she’s sharing her secret. In this Practice of the Month we take a closer look at just what goes into a winning social media strategy.


Crafting the Perfect Post with Laguna Eyes

For nearly 43 years, family-run Laguna Eyes Optometry has provided exceptional eye care to Laguna Beach, California. They’ve existed long before digital marketing was a thing, and have adapted many times over the years to stay on top as technology has continued to advance at a rapid pace. In fact, Laguna Eyes is no stranger to embracing change.

The practice’s founder and Dr. Alicia Harrison’s father, Dr. Bill Harrison, was a pioneer in the field of sports vision therapy. His techniques and treatments paved the way for the industry to become what it is today. So with a storied history like that, it’s no wonder Dr. Harrison dove right into creating the perfect plan to get the most from her patients in the ever-changing world of social media.

dr. Bill Harrison

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Jack of All Social Media, Master of None

The first step to crafting an effective social media strategy is to choose your platform. If you follow digital marketing trends, you’ve undoubtedly come across countless articles hypothesizing where the next great social media push will be. “Quick! Make a Tik Tok account to go viral with Gen Z,” some say. “No! SnapChat is the future,” say others. Maybe you’re currently trying to figure out how to use Pinterest because you heard it had some of the highest conversion rates.


Unless you have Nike-levels of cash to burn, chasing the latest social media meta isn’t going to be worthwhile to you. The unfortunate truth is, social media platforms cater to different audiences. The people you reach on LinkedIn aren’t going to be the same as those you reach on Facebook. You can’t just take a single post and copy-paste it across all of your channels. It’s a waste of resources your practice could use better elsewhere.

It’s Okay to Be Really Good at One Thing

That’s the first lesson to be learned from Laguna Eyes. Take a look at their website. You’ll notice they only link to three social media pages. Over the years, they’ve identified where their audience is and focused their social media strategies to maximize impressions. You’ll also notice that the strategies for each platform are different. 


Their Facebook page focuses on more general content, and isn’t updated as frequently, while Twitter sees almost daily uploads. But where things get really interesting is Instagram. While they upload content only once a month, there’s noticeable effort put into crafting unique content that takes full advantage of the platform’s capabilities. After extensive market research, we worked with Dr. Harrison to make Instagram her main focus, and it paid off. Of all their social media channels, Laguna Eyes Optometry gets the most interactions on their Instagram account.

So don’t be afraid to take it slow. You want depth in your social media efforts, not breadth. EyeCarePro recommends that every practice start with Facebook. It’s still the biggest social media platform in the world, and it’s great for honing your posting skills until you choose a more targeted channel.

Content Isn’t Just King…

...it’s practically the universal overlord of cyberspace. 

Now that you’ve chosen an appropriate social media platform, it’s time to plan out your content. But as we mentioned already, you can’t just repeat the same types of content for every channel. Different platforms have different strengths. 

For Facebook, you’re going to want to mix text, images and videos in your posts. Twitter really limits what you can say, so you’ll probably be linking out a lot. For Instagram, you’ll be relying almost entirely on images and videos. 

Regardless of which platform you choose, your content calendar should be about 80% education, 20% promotion. People on social media don’t like to be sold to, that’s what Facebook Ads are for. What you want is organic engagement, which you get by piquing your audience’s interest.


This is What Good Content Looks Like

Laguna Eyes has their content strategy down to a science. If you look at their Twitter and Facebook, almost all of their content is information relating to common eye health problems. They also mix in some fun posts that show their human side. On Instagram, Laguna Eyes showcases a lot of their designer frames and sunglasses, but you also get some goofy behind the scenes stuff that makes them stand out.

Case in point, this fantastic ugly sweater party photo from December. But perhaps one of their most impressive recent posts is their announcement that their entire practice is fully vaccinated. Something like that deserves a bit of fanfare, and there’s no better way to do it than with a fun gif letting the whole world know the good news.

Laguan Eyes IG

As we discussed in a previous post, getting more involved in your local community is crucial to growing your audience. So it’s no surprise that part of Dr. Harrison’s social media strategy involves showing everyone the best Laguna Beach has to offer. Every once in a while, she’ll promote a local business. Not only does this gain her some serious digital brownie points from entrepreneurs in her area, it shows her patients Laguna Eyes has a lot in common with them. “Wow, Dr. Harrison likes Succulent Coffee Roasters too?”

The Results

In a world where top-of-mind awareness is everything, Laguna Eyes Optometry continues to excel. Through a carefully managed social media strategy, they’re engagement and reach continues to grow month after month. A quick glance at their Instagram profile alone, and you’ll see they’re consistently getting a decent number of likes, comments and views on all their posts now. But that’s not all. They get a steady stream of new followers too. It just proves that a smart social strategy is still a very necessary component of successful digital marketing.

Need Help Going Viral?

EyeCarePro knows just what it takes to be a social sensation. We have years of experience planning and executing content strategies across multiple social media platforms. We also know the optometry industry inside and out, especially the sorts of things patients like to see. Whether you’re looking for a little help getting things set up, you need customized, eye catching content to post, or you just want someone to manage your accounts, we’ve got what you need. Even better, we’ll partner you up with your very own social media expert who will work with you to craft the perfect strategy for your practice’s social goals.

Give us a call at 201.591.4350 and let’s power you to the top of the newsfeed today!


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