Own your Recovery with Perfect Marketing Acuity


When planning your practice recovery, there is one thing to keep in mind:

Change is constant, whether you’re an active participant in it or not.

What’s more, as the saying goes, doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is insanity!

As practices recover, there's clearly no going back to the same old way of marketing. Now, more than ever, make sure your marketing is in focus.

All puns about 20/20 aside, this is the time to really look at how you want your practice to grow in a rapidly changing environment, with new unexpected pressures on revenue. Optometry is in flux. 

So...how are you going to get ahead?

optometry marketing acuity test

What's Your Marketing Acumen?
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Do you have an optometry website?
Does your website have an online scheduler
Is your schedule a real-time scheduler?
Do you have unique pictures of your practice and staff on your homepage?


Do you track your Google search rankings for terms such as “eye doctor near me” or “eye doctor in my neighborhood”?
How often do you post written content like blogs or pages to your website?
How optimized is your GoogleMyBusiness listing?


Does your practice have a well-articulated brand?


What is the average review rating of your practice on Google?
How often do you or your staff ask for Google reviews? (whether using GetSetPro, a Patient Communication Tool, or making a verbal request)
On average, how many Google reviews do you get a month?
How often do you respond to Google reviews?


How often do you shoot practice videos for use on your website, YouTube, and/or social media?

Social Media and Events

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