Dr. Shuldiner of IALVS Explains How Low Vision Care Can Improve Lives

EyeCarePro often asks our eye doctors why they chose to be optometrists. This content can go a long way on their profile page in building rapport with potential patients. We get many different answers, but the one that is common among all of our doctors is their desire to help people. We’re proud that our marketing efforts allow practices working with us to reach more people, making it possible for them to change lives for the better. 


Success Story

We are constantly inspired by stories of how our practices are able to help their patients and their communities. That’s why we’ve launched a new series of inspirational stories, aimed at highlighting some of our optometrists and the amazing work they are doing in the optometric community to help people improve their quality of life through healthy eyes.

In honor of Low Vision Awareness Month, we bring you Dr. Shuldiner and his organization, IALVS, the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists. In the following video, Dr. Shuldiner shares why he became a Low Vision doctor, what it’s like to work with Low Vision patients, and inspirational stories about how he was personally able to change people’s lives for the better by helping them cope with Low Vision issues.

Dr Shuldiner

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