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Following up on the Top 10 Essentials for your Practice’s Online Presence in 2019, we want to say a bit more about how to use content to grow your practice. We recently published our Beginner’s Guide to On-Site SEO for Eye Care. Repeating what we said there, authoritative and well-written content will establish YOU as the optometry expert and position your practice website as a reliable, relevant, and great-ranking page on the eye care topics that matter to your practice. 


Establish Expertise. Reach More Patients.

The above point is, hands-down, the most valuable piece of advice in the guide. Publishing unique, descriptive and patient-focused information is the single most important element to get you ranking on Google for that topic while simultaneously engaging new patients and establishing trust in your expertise.


At EyeCarePro we have seen this approach prove itself time and time again, most especially when going for the low hanging fruit.


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The Low Hanging Fruit

In a competitive environment, there may be lots of practices doing SEO in your area. That’s when you go for the low hanging fruit. By the low hanging fruit, we mean strategically choosing topics that few of your competitors have information on.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind: Google searches aren’t like billboards. People search for whatever is their most pressing concern in the moment. Whatever speaks most directly to that immediate need or want is going to get the traffic.

And this is why lists of services are not that helpful.

Eye Emergencies:
The Perfect Example

Eye emergencies are a perfect example of low hanging fruit.  And here is how content for that might work. If someone has scratched their eye, for example, they are as likely to search for that specific situation, e.g. “eye doctor for scratched eye near me”, rather than simply “emergency eye care”. That’s why you want real content, which goes into the specifics of things like:

  • what to do if your eye is scratched or cut
  • how to rinse out a foreign object and what to do if unsuccessful
  • eye infections
  • floaters (and what they are — again, most people won’t search for a term they aren’t familiar with)
  • double-vision
  • the advantages of seeing an optometrist over the ER or primary care physician, etc.

If you only listed emergency eye care somewhere on your website, you have a slim chance of ranking for that long-tail search term. If, on the other hand, you have rich and detailed content on the topics above, you stand a strong chance of outranking most competitors in your area for a wide range of tangentially related eye emergency topical searches.



Emergency Content is Low Hanging Fruit?

Think about it. The majority of eye care websites have little to no information on the topic of eye emergencies, is a topic which is virtually guaranteed to drive desperate patients who often become grateful lifelong regular patients when you help them out in a jam.

Every single marketer on our team can tell you that after putting up in-depth content on eye emergencies on client websites that patient numbers and revenue picked up nicely from emergency calls alone. That’s why, at EyeCarePro, we call it the “Low Hanging Fruit”.

Don’t Want Eye Emergency Patients?

That’s no problem! We just used that as an example. Strong Content allows you to go after lots of different audiences in a way that suits your practice growth goals. Here are some other key areas you could be focusing your content efforts on:

  • Medical specialties you offer (e.g. vision therapy, scleral lenses, etc.)
  • Unique or high-demand frame lines
  • Bespoke or advanced optical and lens technology

Regardless of your growth goals and direction, a strong content strategy has to be part of the mix. At EyeCarePro, our marketing clients get their content fully optimized for top SEO results. ODLite clients are coached on how to best go about producing content.

Clients receiving ODLingo or above get monthly unique content and landing pages. ODSpecialty clients receive top-tier content aimed at growing their medical specialties such as vision therapy, scleral lenses, and more.

ODMetro clients receive 2 top-tier written pieces of dedicated unique content per month. One way or another, unique content is necessary to grow and show up more prominently in search results.


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