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As we mentioned in our
Top 10 Essentials for your Practice’s Online Presence in 2019, location pages are an important part of the SEO mix of your website.

In search of eye care providers

When potential patients are searching the web for a local eye care provider, Google’s goal is to find the most relevant and convenient (ie. closest) results for their search.

Google knows where your practice is located partly due to your GMB, but equally important is that your homepage or location pages are chock full of the community, neighborhood, or other location terms that matter most.

What is a Location Page?

A location page is a page on your site dedicated to creating strong location information which will encourage Google to trust your local signals and make real users feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. In other words, it tells Google unequivocally where your business is located while better engaging the people most likely to become new patients. This will strengthen your local search ranking factors and give your local ratings a boost for the specific area you draw patients from.

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Where are YOU Located?

Unless your practice is in a rural area, most people won’t drive more than 10 to 20 minutes for a general eye exam. This might mean you need to focus on your specific area, not the entire city.

Build yourself a location page. This should be full of the local neighborhood or community search terms that people might actually plug into Google, combined with terms like “eye exam”, “eye doctor”, and “optometrist”.

What you should NOT do is write an unreadable, spammy page full of location terms without context. Instead, crafting a well-written description which weaves local terms & eye care keywords together can improve results significantly.

What Goes into a Practice Location Page?

Obviously, you want to include:

  • your practice name
  • address
  • contact information
  • a map
  • and directions

This is also a good place to list office hours and other standard practice information such as the services you offer.

You also want to consider including information about the community or local interests. This should feature 'written directions' and incorporate local landmarks passed, major intersections, and statements like, “we're located across from/next to X”. This helps with local search ranking, and also gives some users an immediate sense of where you are. Here's a great example of a solid location page. Note the sub-page for a neighboring community to specifically draw patients from that area.


Single Location Practices

If you are a single location practice, your homepage or Hours & Location page can serve as the location page if you are in a relatively low competition area. Make sure to load it up with hyper-local terms in addition to terms relating to eye care (but, again, DO keep it readable to a human audience).

If the competition for SEO real-estate is fierce, though, you might want to consider a page dedicated to your immediate locality in addition to your Hours & Location page. This page should include lots of hyperlocal information.

It’s a great place to put content about any involvement you, your staff, or your practice has in the local (think very local) community, and if you have pictures of your offices and their surroundings this would be a great place to display them.

You can also write about where you and your staff like to spend a day off, content about attractions, landmarks, or what there is to do and see in the immediate area.


Multiple Location Practices

For a multiple location practice, dedicated location pages are essential. First of all, they provide an opportunity to highlight what is unique about each office (think: kid-focused vs high-end optical, or which doctors service each office).

But it’s more than that.

These pages enable you to localize your SEO for each of your different locations. In this case, you would want to create a different page for each location as if each was a homepage specific for that office.

The idea is that you want Google to pick up on the fact that each location offers eye care services to that specific neighborhood. This will maximize your chances of ranking well for a local search for an eye doctor from the surrounding area of each practice location.

Perhaps you’d rather spend time seeing patients than researching and writing about local attractions, though.

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