“My dad used to say the suits always win. That's the business people. They keep businesses running, and make them profitable. I need to be curtailed and guided. That's why I have employed Foxfire to help me. Let's just say it's been a 360. We didn't do a 180 - we did two of them. And that’s amazing to be a part of.” - Dr. Lee Ford 

A helping hand (or a few hands) goes a long way, especially for independent practices facing numerous challenges in remaining competitive and delivering exceptional patient care. One such practice - Golden Eye Triangle Clinic - led by Dr. Lee Ford, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance patient acquisition, retention, and overall practice efficiency. Through a combination of strategic management, team development, and embracing technological advancements, Dr. Ford's practice exemplifies a blueprint for success in the modern healthcare industry.

Identifying Challenges and Embracing Change

Dr. Ford's journey began with a candid assessment of his practice's shortcomings. Recognizing the need for improvement in patient experience, operational efficiency, and strategic management, he embarked on a mission to revamp every aspect of the practice. This involved acknowledging personal barriers, such as resistance to change and a lack of expertise in certain areas, and seeking external guidance to overcome them - specifically from electronic health records (EHR) Integration experts, Foxfire and Eyecarepro - the leading marketing agency for eye care professionals.


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Putting People First: The Key to Success

A pivotal realization for Dr. Ford was the importance of prioritizing people development. He understood that a well-trained and motivated team is essential for delivering exceptional patient care and driving practice growth. By investing in team training and embracing a collaborative approach to problem-solving, Dr. Ford empowered his staff to take ownership of their roles and contribute to the practice's success.

Strategic Management: From Reactive to Proactive

Transitioning from a reactive approach to practice management to a proactive, strategic mindset was paramount for Dr. Ford. Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) provided a structured framework for setting goals, addressing issues, and fostering accountability within the team. Regular meetings and long-term planning sessions enabled the practice to stay focused on its vision while adapting to changing market dynamics.

Leveraging Technology and Collaboration Approach for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

Technology can revolutionize your practice's operations and improve patient care in the blink of an eye. Dr. Ford's practice exemplifies this perfectly. By embracing innovative solutions like EHR and practice management software, they enhanced efficiency and productivity. But the key lies in partnering with trusted vendors.

One such partner is Foxfire, a one-stop shop for all your optometry practice needs.  Foxfire ensures seamless technology integration, offering solutions for nearly every aspect of your practice. From billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) with in-house staff for quality control to advanced software features and coaching, they provide a comprehensive suite. Their annual User Group Meeting (happening this month!) showcases new features, gathers feedback, and optimizes software usage for maximum benefit.

On the patient acquisition and engagement front, Eyecarepro is another key collaborator.  They tackle this crucial aspect by offering trackable, contract-free marketing solutions customized to your needs. With over two decades of experience, their digital marketing strategists will work with you to achieve your goals. Eyecarepro integrates with your EHR, allowing you to track campaign performance, manage online reviews, and make real-time edits to your website and listings – all in one place!

Embracing change to pave the way

Dr. Lee Ford's journey to revamp his eye care practice offers valuable insights for independent practitioners seeking to thrive in today's competitive healthcare field. By prioritizing people development, embracing strategic management principles, and leveraging technology effectively, practices can achieve sustainable growth and deliver exceptional patient care. As Dr. Ford's story illustrates, the key to success lies in embracing change, fostering collaboration, and never losing sight of the ultimate goal: improving patient outcomes.

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