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It Takes More than a Website...
for a Strong Practice Recovery

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What does it take to

Hit the ground running?

There are 2 essential factors that are going to make all the difference to your recovery:
  1. The strength of your online presence—think search rankings (SEO), reviews, and an engaging and effective website.
  2. Your ability to communicate and engage patients effectively with the latest news about your practice, your schedule, and the steps you're taking to provide safe eye care in the Age of COVID-19.
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Sign Up By July 15th & Receive
2 Months of Free Google Ads

Practices are now starting to reopen across the board

But we aren't out of the woods yet

Ever since COVID-19 went down, we've stood fast with eye care professionals and have continuously been providing the help needed to stay afloat and get on the road to recovery. It started with a fast pivot to provide free telehealth via GetSetCare to any practice—some revenue is better than none! We also put together free campaigns, downloads, and tons of resources to equip practices with the tools and strategies to get back on their feet. 

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We can help!

Here's how it works


While we're ramping up your online presence, we're going to get your practice to the top of every relevant search result right away. Sign up for any one of our contract-free and powerful marketing packages and get one FREE month of Google Ads.

Whether your practice offers general eye care, has a strong medical focus, is an optical powerhouse, we have the right package for you.

Turbocharge your recovery with...

  • Industry-leading digital marketing in eye care
  • Integrated—and beautiful!—marketing and communication campaigns (email, social media, and more)
  • Monthly consultation with a dedicated expert
  • And a focus on recovering revenue, quickly and strongly

We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on safety and exceptional patient care

Check out our marketing packages, or fill out the form to discuss which package is right for you.

Did You Know?

At EyeCarePro, we make SEO optimized, beautifully designed homepages and location pages daily. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form and schedule a call with us. An optometry marketing expert will be happy to discuss the location optimization strategy that will work best for your online presence. Call Today 201-591-4350

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Marketing Makes All the Difference.

ODSite - Get a premium website designed with your brand and business goals in mind enhanced with optometry’s best practices. Having a website doesn't eliminate the need for broader marketing but it's a start.

ODEssentials- Take the first steps towards new patient marketing with improved local presence in Google search, reputation management, social media and comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns.

ODCapture - Advanced marketing for any practice, ODCapture takes things up a notch by combining advanced content with beauty, branding, and SEO. ODCapture builds your practice into a recognizable brand to be reckoned with.

ODSpecialty - Become the expert and bring in new patients with expansive content, videos, campaigns, marketing material, and referral resources to grow your Vision Therapy, Dry Eye, Scleral Lens, Low Vision, or Myopia Management/Ortho K specialty practice.

ODMetro - Rise above the competition and lead your market with our most comprehensive marketing package that provides an unbeatable combination of supercharged SEO and personalized optometric marketing services.

ODPPC - Instantly get to the top of the page for Google searches in your area with a highly focused Google Ads campaign targeting the most important keywords for bringing new patients to your practice.