Imagine if your Practice had a Powerful Online Presence...


Think about it. Your practice might be fine if you rely on word of mouth and patient recall to stay afloat. Maybe.

But we know that dependable, sustainable practice growth is measured in new patient appointments. The best way to reach and attract those patients is through a powerful online presence. If this sounds right to you, consider upgrading to ODLite.

Because a Website is Not Enough

Building a powerful online presence requires stepping beyond simply having an optometry website. If you want to reach new patients in your area, you need a comprehensive marketing plan:

  • SEO: Put your practice on the map for every relevant Google search online for terms such as “eye doctor”, “eye exam”, and “optometrist”. Ranking visibly for these crucial search terms is what real optometry SEO is all about. 
  • Dedicated Marketing Consultation: With ODLite, you have monthly strategic calls with an optometry marketing expert, whose only job is to help practices market more effectively for sustained practice growth.
  • Integrated Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns: Your practice needs to effectively communicate with existing patients and engage new ones with the events and topics that matter most. From flex spending to back-to-school, from trunk shows to special sales, from blue light to the importance of diabetic eye care.
  • Reputation Management: You also need to impress potential patients and build trust in what you do best, be it your optical lineup, your medical expertise, or the fantastic patient experience you deliver.

You get all this and more with ODLite, with quantifiable and measurable growth in new patient appointment numbers.

Yes, I Want to Know More About ODLite

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ODLite: Advanced Digital Marketing for Optometry

ODLite is a proven entry-level marketing package that strives to maximize new patient appointments for general eye care in your area. ODLite is designed to cover the most important marketing activities that will generate new patient phone calls and appointment requests—not impressions. Not visitors—but measurable results. ODLite will bring in new patients while improving the way you market to existing patients.

With ODLite, you get the following services:

  • Cutting-edge SEO finely tuned to the unique needs of optometry
  • A direct point of contact for website changes and updates
  • Advanced software tools to generate positive Google reviews  
  • Monthly marketing strategy with an experienced expert
  • Social media management and event/campaign planning
  • Over 400 integrated marketing campaigns to cover any topic in optometry
  • Monthly optometry blog posts
  • GetSetBook: A simple & powerful app to manage your website, Google reviews, campaigns, insurance, frame lines & contacts, and more

Additional practice locations cost an $50 per location and include all ODLite services for those location(s)

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Is ODLite Worth the Cost?

ODLite costs $349 per month, including your website at no added fee.*

When thinking if that works for your practice, ask yourself this crucial question: What is a new patient worth to my practice? The industry average for revenue per patient is about $300 per visit to the practice, with a ten-year value of over $2000. This means it takes 1-2 new patients to simply break even in the first appointment.

At EyeCarePro, we NEVER settle for breaking even. We will provide sustained, quantifiable results or you can walk at any time. We believe that the value we provide should always speak for itself. That’s why we NEVER hold you to a contract.

Speak to an optometry marketing expert about growing your practice with ODLite.

Additional practice locations cost an $50 per location and include all ODLite services for those location(s)

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Did You Know?

At EyeCarePro, we make SEO optimized and beautifully designed websites and provide comprehensive optometry marketing strategy and implementation. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form and schedule a call with us. An optometry marketing expert will be happy to discuss a strategy that will work best for your online presence.

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Marketing Makes All the Difference.

ODSite - Get a premium website designed with your brand and business goals in mind enhanced with optometry’s best practices. Having a website doesn't eliminate the need for broader marketing but it's a start.

ODEssentials- Take the first steps towards new patient marketing with improved local presence in Google search, reputation management, social media and comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns.

ODCapture - Advanced marketing for any practice, ODCapture takes things up a notch by combining advanced content with beauty, branding, and SEO. ODCapture builds your practice into a recognizable brand to be reckoned with.

ODSpecialty - Become the expert and bring in new patients with expansive content, videos, campaigns, marketing material, and referral resources to grow your Vision Therapy, Dry Eye, Scleral Lens, Low Vision, or Myopia Management/Ortho K specialty practice.

ODMetro - Rise above the competition and lead your market with our most comprehensive marketing package that provides an unbeatable combination of supercharged SEO and personalized optometric marketing services.

ODPPC - Instantly get to the top of the page for Google searches in your area with a highly focused Google Ads campaign targeting the most important keywords for bringing new patients to your practice.